Each student has the opportunity to add money to their spending accounts (used for camps, retreats and other events sponsored by TLC Student Ministry) by working in one of the areas listed below:

Kitchen - prep for the meal, maintain items on salad bar, wash dishes, dry dishes, be able to work in a fast paced environment to perform tasks and duties asked of them

Talent - arrive on time to all practices, must attend a dress rehearsal to run through the show on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, help out back stage as needed to assist other talent performances

Wait Staff - set the tables for the arriving guest, maintain a pleasant attitude with guest, provide timely service of meal and drinks, allow them to enjoy the show without hovering around the table 

Each job requires different times of arrival and extra practice depending on the preparation needed to perform the duty.  Students should prepare accordingly and need to be available on Friday after school and all day Saturday.  All students will need to arrive at the church by 12:30 pm on Saturday, already have eaten a big lunch. 

In order for the student account to be credited for their time of working, they will need to check in when they arrive and then check out before they leave each day.  A student may not leave without helping clean up and tear down from the banquet.  They will forfeit their earnings if they leave without checking out.  Usually we finish around 11pm on Saturday evening.  Please plan accordingly with your family to arrange to be present throughout the entire show experience (set up to tear down and load out)!


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