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(What's Happening In High School Ministry @ The Lamb's Chapel)

Wednesday | December 18 | Roll·a·bout

Posted by Billy Gillispie on Wednesday, December 11, 2019 @ 1:22 PM

Join us on Wednesday, December 18th, 1970's at Roll·a·bout Skating Rink (605 Chapel Hill Road, Burlington, NC 27215) for our hip 70’s roller disco! 


Funkadelic party starts at 5:30, with pizza, cake, ice cream, and skates included with your ticket price of $5, so that’s to the Max.


Extra gravy's:

- speed skates for $3.50

- any other food, candy, games need mulah


Rules for the evening:

- don’t come dressed like some futuristic 2,000’s boomer

- roll·a·bout says no jeans with holes are allowed, bummer. 

- no Debbie downers allowed on the premises


'Catch You On The Flip~Side'

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