Saturday, February 9 | 4:00 pm or 7:00 pm

Sunday, February 10 | 1:00 pm

What is it?

The Valentines Banquet is a dinner and a live show with high school students and leaders who wait tables, prep food, wash dishes, backstage help, lighting, sound and perform various acts.  Unsure what it is about?  Talk a walk over to the ticket table and ask anyone who is purchasing tickets.  They will tell you ALL about it!  It's the DON'T MISS event of the year.

  • Dinner - Salad Bar, Chicken (plain or rosemary ranch) or Steak (with or without grilled onions), Baked Potato, Choice of Drink
  • Show - Past performances have revolved around Hee Haw, Radio Broadcast, Movies and more. Each year it’s something different and unique.

High School Students Who Wish To Participate Click This Link

Why do you do it?

This is a fundraiser for high school students to serve and give back to our church with their talents as well as earn money to put in a spending account. Each student can use their spending account money to go on retreats, camps and other student ministry activities.  If you are a high school student sign up to work the banquet here!

Your donation allows our students who don’t have the money to pay for a camp by working to serve you. Your ticket purchase not only buys you a great meal, an awesome show, and a romantic experience with your significant other; it also affords a chance to change a student’s life by sending them to camps throughout the year.

Students come back from these camps changed in a way that impacts them for life. Also, it changes others that they encounter. Camps are a breath of fresh air in our ministry and we want all our students to experience it. We believe in our students to help our community and we hope you will believe in them as well through the Power of Jesus Christ working in them.


Let’s Compare Valentine Experiences:

$30 Valentine Banquet…You Get

  • Fresh Salad Bar with all the fixings
  • Juicy Ribeye Steak or Chicken(Plain or Rosemary Ranch)
  • Hot Baked Potato with Butter and Sour Cream
  • Delicious Buttered Rolls
  • Iced Sweet Tea/Water Hot Brewed Coffee
  • Finest Eclair Chocolate Dessert
  • Easy Peasy Parking
  • Reserved Seating
  • Live Show Full of Live Music, Comedy Skits, and Worship
  • Service by smiling, happy, encouraged students
  • Proceeds help students go to camp!


$30 Steak Restaurant…You Get

  • Stale salad, mostly stalks, old tomatoes, and a strand or two of cheese.
  • A steak, possibly cooked how you like or chicken that is NOT covered with cheesy mushroom sauce.
  • Potato with half the butter you really want.
  • Drinks

Oh…and that’s it! You ran out of money, that’s all you get for your $30….

  • No dessert
  • No easy parking
  • No reserved seat (wait 30-45 minutes since it’s Valentines)
  • No live show (maybe get a glance at the tv in the bar)
  • No student serving you
  • No helping students go to camp


The Choice is Easy

Students need money to go to camp. Your support helps them get there!  Purchase your tickets in the foyer of either campus on Sunday mornings and at the Airport Campus on Wednesday evenings.