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6th Grade Boys

Rick Retherford - Born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana and after 7 years in Alabama I moved to North Carolina 5 years ago. I am married to my beautiful wife Kerri who is a Rooted Leader for the 7th grade girls. I have 3 kids: Lauren 25, Sam 18, and Bailey 16. I have been going to Lambs Chapel 4 ½ years and have been involved with the Rooted Ministries for 5 years. I am currently one of the leaders for the 8th grade boys on Sundays and Wednesdays. My heart is to follow the lead of Jesus Christ and I push, no nudge, the boys to represent Him in all they do, all they say and all they think. When you look at the statistics a lot of young adults fall away from their faith throughout their high school and college careers so I feel we have a small window for Jesus to establish a foothold in their lives. But I rest in the promise stated in Proverbs 22:6 - Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it. We as parents have a difficult job with raising our children in this fallen world today and I feel God calling me to help you guide your son’s to become Godly men so that Jesus will one day say to them Well done, good and faithful servant.

Mitch Mann - My desire is to share Jesus with the middle school students at such a pivotal point in their lives and to simply love them.

Wendell Meade - My heart is drawn to the youth to help shepherd and mold their hearts for Christ.  As our future leaders they need living examples to follow.  With the Holy Spirit's leading I long to see this to fruition.

6th Grade Girls

Amy Fowler - Originally from Mt. Airy, (if you've heard of Mayberry, that would be it) I moved to Mebane several years ago when I met and married my best friend. I have been blessed with not only my husband but a son, daughter in law and daughter, each of whom has brought such joy to my life and I am so thankful for each one of them. I follow Jesus wherever He goes, wherever He leads. God has called me to help children; He has lead me to Rooted. He has put into my heart to teach these kids that they have a Father, a Friend, a Confidant, a Provider, a Defender and so much more. Jesus Christ is the love of my life and I want everyone to have the indescribable love, peace and joy in their heart and in their life just as He has given me and to know that through Him, they will have eternal life.

Michelle Sheets - I am married to Tyler, a Rooted small group leader.  We have four, beautiful daughters.  I am honored to serve as an 8th grade girls leader.  It is my joy to equip these saints as members of the army that the Father is raising up in full power of the Holy Spirit.  They will, empowered by Him, spread the Good News of the Savior of the World, Jesus Christ!

Stephanie Wilburn - I am married to Mark, a Rooted small group leader.  We have two sons, one in middle school, and the other in high school.  God called us into this ministry two years ago in an unexpected and unmistakeable way.  God has burdened us to be a relatable mentor to this age group.  We know how important it is for kids to have someone other than mom and dad to talk with that will point them to Christ and His truth.

7th Grade Boys

Hal Hayes – I love to have fun, and tell corny jokes. I enjoy watching these boys stretch into their own faith in Jesus Christ. I love to challenge them to think through issues that they face, and to come to answers from God’s Word for daily living.

Kim Ingle  

7th Grade Girls

Angela Schauble – Love Jesus, the cross and the abundant life it stands for! Adored wife. Blessed mama. Lover of books. Coffee addict. Always learning. I desperately want these young girls to know Christ in their hearts and that they look not only to know Him in their heads but to fully experience Him in their lives.

Carol Faucette - Mother of Caris (13), Carlie (10) and married to Chris Faucette. I was saved as a young girl and have always felt drawn to serve in children's ministry. I've been a Small Groups Co-Leader at TLC for 3 years and am currently working with a great group of 6th Grade young ladies. I desire greatly to help our girls learn about who they are in Christ, to start them on a lifelong journey in pursuit of His plan for their lives.

Juli Rudd – My name is Juli Rudd. I am married to Heath Rudd, who also helps in Rooted. We have two daughters, Erin is 20 years old and Carson is 15 years old. I enjoy seeing the spiritual growth of a 6th grade student into a 8th grade student over the 3 years they are with us. I want each student to know that Jesus can and will speak to each one of them.

Amy Meade - I am married to Wendell Mead, and together we have been blessed with four children who are all growing along with us at TLC.  I'm so excited about he freedom I have in Christ, and I want to pass this on to the young people in Rooted, love on them, and breathe life into them!

8th Grade Boys

Heath Rudd – I am so blessed to have the opportunity each week to work with TLC Middle School students. I am in my third year now and to see the transformation from 6th graders to 8th graders is amazing! I can’t wait for each week to pour out the love Jesus gives me to your children.

Mark Wilburn  - I am married to Stephanie, one of the Rooted small group leaders.  We have two sons, one in middle school, and one in high school.  God called us into this ministry two years ago in an unexpected and unmistakeable way.  God has burdened us to be a relatable mentor to this age group.  We know how important it is for kids to have someone other than mom and dad to talk with that will join them to Christ and His truth.

Tyler Sheets - I am married to Michelle, a Rooted small group leader, and have four wonderful daughters, on of whom is in middle school.  I love Jesus and how He loves us!  I am blessed to serve young people and help them know His love.  I desire to help them develop the spiritual gifts God has given them.  

8th Grade Girls

Kerri Retherford - Jesus became my Lord and Savior when I met and married Rick Retherford (TLC 8th grade boys leader). We have three children- Lauren 26, Sam 18 and Bailey 16. My passion for your daughter is that she loves Jesus passionately and seeks Him first always and for everything. With encouragement, discipleship and prayer, my desire is that your daughter is confident in who she is in Christ, grows in her relationship with Him, delights in serving others and always sees that God is good!

Amy Jackson – Middle school! Our students enter as children and leave teenagers. They will question their parents' belief systems and formulate their own. What an important time of transition! The Rooted leaders aim to make Jesus Christ the default, the focus, the go-to, the everything in the lives of our pre-teens. It is an honor to be a part of this ministry.

Jennifer Mann - My heart's desire is for our middle school ministry to share the love of Christ Jesus.  I long to be a vessel for Him to use me in the giftings that He has given me.  I want to be alight for the students, and to labor with them as they learn to walk freely with Jesus.


Worship Team

Jonathan Hayes - I feel most alive when I worship Christ through His Holy Spirit.  I have been blessed to be a part of the high school worship team for the past four years.  I have been a part of the Rooted worship team for two years.  My heart for middle school worship is that each student will experience God in a unique and fresh way.  I long for them to find the delight in worship that is sincere and pure, and most importantly pleasing to God.  My passion is worship, and I am so happy that God has placed me where I am.

Madelyn Rainey - I love to dance, and play sports.  I serve with the middle school worship team in order to help each one grow in an intimate relationship with Christ, I definitely want to be a part of that.  My passion is worship.  Worship is a place where I can allow myself to be drawn into the presence of God and be amazed by the love of Jesus and that gives me joy.

Addy Gillispie - I'm an eighth grade student at Burlington Christian Academy.  I enjoy running cross country in the fall, and playing soccer for BCA in the spring.  God has recently ignited my passion for singing, playing guitar, and worshiping Him.  I feel blessed to be a part of the Rooted worship team!

Abigail Dyer - My name is Abigail Dyer, but most people call me Abby. I am a senior in high school and I love to learn, especially when it's something that God has to say! I have this amazing opportunity to share the love of Jesus through an untraditional way of worship; painting! While the Worship team sings praises, up until the end of the service, I paint on the sidelines. When I get in front of the canvas, I listen to what God has to say, I trust Him in what He shows me, and I paint that for everyone to see. My goal as a leader is to encourage these middle schoolers to listen to God in every way they can, and show them that they can truly worship our mighty God using the unique talents that He specifically gave to each one of them. I look forward for the amazing plan God has set forth and I know He will work in awe inspiring ways. 


Student Leaders

Caroline Schofer - I am a student leader for Rooted.  I currently go to Burlington Christian Academy and will graduate in the spring of 2017.  I've enlisted in the U.S. Army Reserves and I leave for bootcamp in July.  I can't wait to see what all God has as He works through me and through the hearts of the young people today.  I am excited to teach the upcoming generations about the love Christ has for us and all of the promises in His Word.

Mikaela McAdams - I am a junior in high school at Liberty University Online Academy. I spend my summers on missions trips and at camps.  The school year consists of school and work.  My love is to worship.  I would love to see a light spread in the hearts and lives of students.  I enjoy watching them grow through worship and intimate time with Jesus.  I serve Rooted by helping to run sound, lights, and graphics.


Joel Isley - I am His and He is mine.  His desire is for me.  I desire to know His heart.  I am an explorer of God's heart that I may make His affections known to His Bride (the Church) and to those who are poor, weak, and without the experiential knowledge of a loving Father.  I make choices to partner with Holy Spirit that the atmosphere may be clear and Jesus may be seen.  His love received changes everything.  I am a student of God's emotions and I let Him love me.  I learn how to learn from Him.  Let God love you and you will be empowered to love Him - the overflow will result in a love for yourself and you will love others as you love yourself.

Rayanne Mann – “Children are a blessing from the Lord," and your children are also a blessing to me. I love to sing, dance and worship Jesus. The first two of which I've promised my children, Mac 17, and Ruth 13, never to do publicly! So don't ask Hal! The third, I wish on bended knee to bring Rooted kids to the grace I've found at the cross of Christ. My hubby, Brian and I have been married 22 years, Jesus and I almost 40.