The V.O.I.C.E. is the theme for this year -  Hearing the Voice of God and recognizing truth is irreplaceable in the lives of students (and in our lives as well!).  Throughout the week, in addition to all the excursions/fun/worship, we will be having conversations about

  • learning to hear His voice and responding....
  • identifying "the wrong voices" around me that introduce dangerous/harmful messages....
  • taking steps of trust and having confidence in our King (Jesus)
  • developing a growing dialog with The God Who loves me
  • communicating my faith to others in my life
  • owning my faith
  • living my identity in Christ

Monday-Friday (June 24-28)

FYI - There will be only one "overnighter" (Monday).  So, 3 of the 4 nights (Tuesday - Friday), the students will be coming home after the day's adventures. 

Speaking of adventures, one of the days we are planning to spend at US National Whitewater Center in Charlotte.  
Here is one of their clips to give you an idea of some of what we will be enjoying:

We are also organizing a day trip to First Fruits Farm (Jason Brown).  What an incredible ministry!  If you aren't familiar with the work they are doing, take a look at their website......

There are other trips/excursions, activities and adventures scheduled but all of our trips will stay within North Carolina (including the "overnighter").  Looking sooooo forward to this spectacular opportunity with TLC Middle Schoolers this summer. 

We are not just shooting for "unforgettable" --- we are shooting for "life-changing."

Note:  We will meet each morning (Monday - Friday) at the TLC (Airport) campus to head out for the day’s events.  On Monday, we will be staying overnight and returning on Tuesday evening.   (All meals provided for the week - including breakfast each morning).


Tentative Schedule


Monday & 


(First Fruits Farm)

 7:30 AM until 6:30 PM | Monday — Tuesday night, overnighter
(All meals included)


(Fantasy Lake Waterpark)

 7:30 AM - 8:30 PM (all meals included)


(US National Whitewater Center)

 7:30 AM - 8:30 PM (all meals included)


(Lake Cammack)

 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM (all meals included)


Anticipating an incredible week…..


3 Forms Needed

Everyone must have all 3 forms filled out to participate (If possible, bring them to the Sunday middle school service, which will save time on Monday at registration/check-in.  Forms MUST be filled out and signed by Monday morning’s check-in (7:30am - TLC Gym)


“What to Bring”

See the "What to Bring" checklist below by clicking the pdf link.

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