Here are a few slideshows to show the progress thus far.  The two groups of photos shown were taken on the same day from a different perspective. See below for other ways to stay up to date on what's happening at the airport campus!  

ISO 16-0119-015.jpg ISO 16-0217-007.jpg ISO 16-0322-124.jpg ISO 16-0416-008.jpg ISO 16-0516-529.jpg ISO 16-0620-002.jpg ISO 16-0720-069.jpg ISO 16-0818-005.jpg ISO 16-0928-002.jpg ISO 16-1024-320.jpg 16-1117-003.jpg ISO 16-1220-061.jpg ISO 17-0119-424.jpg ISO 17-0224-076.jpg 17-0411-048.jpg 17-0515-001 ISO.jpg

Light it up! Check out the 2 crosses on the elevator tower the next evening you drive by the #tlcairportcampus

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Moving on the sheetrock above the stage at #tlcairportcampus

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Whole Plot 16-0119-011.jpg Whole Plot 16-0217-004.jpg Whole Plot 16-0322-121.jpg Whole Plot 16-0416-004.jpg Whole Plot 16-0516-535.jpg Whole Plot 16-0620-006.jpg Whole Plot 16-0720-074.jpg Whole Plot 16-0818-002.jpg Whole Plot 16-0928-007.jpg Whole Plot October.jpg WHOLE PLOT 16-1117-002.jpg WHOLE PLOT 16-1220-060.jpg WHOLE PLOT 17-0119-423.jpg Whole Plot 17-0224-081.jpg 17-0411-047.jpg 17-0515-012 Whole Plot.jpg

Looking for an update?

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You can always check out what's going on by taking a look at:

Periodically we do a live broadcast via Facebook Live so be sure to follow us on Facebook to be notified of our next broadcast!

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Foyer of the #tlcairportcampus

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