“They will rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the places long devastated. They will renew the ruined cities that have been devastated for generations." 

    -Isaiah 61:4


We envision a boldness in the bride, stepping forward, rising up and out of hiding, bringing this secret shame into the light once and for all, to be cleansed and healed, delivered and set free of its bondage of shame, that she has agreed with for far too long. What Satan has stolen, will be restored through the authority and power in Jesus. New mercies will lead to a new life.

With 42 million abortions worldwide each year(according to the World Health Organization), there is no question that our entire society has been negatively affected, but the personal devastation is kept silent. Beautiful Redemption is a ministry serving as a voice for post abortive women in need of encouragement, hope, and healing from the One and Only Redeemer.


Vision: A safe place of healing and freedom for women facing the devastating after effects of abortion.  

Mission: To provide prayer, mentoring, connection, and biblical tools in order to partner with our Heavenly Father as a conduit of freedom.


                    Nichole Denny                                      Lori Willis                                     Joanna Horner                                          Natalie Miles


Our stories of redemption are just a few that have and will take place through the power of Jesus Christ. We would love to share more of our testimonies with you; as well as encouragement, prayer, and support. You can contact us at redemption@thelambschapel.org for any additional information and/or speaking engagements.

Natalie Miles' Story

Posted by Tre'bor Hamilton on Monday, September 23, 2019 @ 8:20 AM

My story is like so many women raised under the shadow of "women's liberation". Growing up in America in the 70's and 80's we were drinking the Kool Aid of "I can have it all". This attitude fostered a reality in my life that I could do anything I wanted. The problem is that I did. What I was not taught in the women's liberation movement is that there are consequences for my actions.

Like so many others (sadly thousands others) I got pregnant because I did not plan, because I was irresponsible, because I was doing what I wanted regardless of the consequences. Problem was it was time to face the consequences of my actions. I was afraid to tell my parents and friends. I believed a child would hinder my life and lifestyle. So I did what I had been taught was the "responsible thing to do", I had an abortion. After all, the mantra of the generation was "it was my body, I could do anything I wanted with it."
Life went on, BUT, there was always this thing in me that gave me shame. It was best to just not talk about it, go with my life. And I was good at it - until I met Christ.
Of the many beautiful things Christ brought into my life was forgiveness, mine as well as the ability to forgive others quickly and easily - funny thing was that I could not forgive myself. This shame and inability to forgive myself was like a wall between me and Christ. Could He really forgive this one thing? Could anyone?
Over time I learned about God's goodness and the blessings He really wanted for my life, I learned to believe that He really did forgive me, therefore I could forgive myself for the choice to have an abortion. I finally understood freedom from condemnation.
What has this done for me? Everything. It was the difference between knowing Christ and abiding in Christ. This forgiveness strengthens my faith in joy and trials. It allows me to believe all He has for me. My favorite verse is "and my God shall supply all my needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus" (Phil. 4:19)
Sister, if your story is like mine look for His riches in Christ - just for you, they are abundant.


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