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Posted by Brandon Patton on Tuesday, April 9, 2019 @ 9:13 AM

"When he focused on the storm around him he was filled with fear and began to sink."

Matthew 14:30

You are no doubt familiar with the account of Peter walking on water in Matthew 14. Why did the Holy Spirit place this in the Bible? So we could learn to walk on water also? Seriously? This is one of the greatest lessons of faith I have ever been taught by Him. It has been invaluable to me over the years. It is so simple and practical yet so profound. Peter was called by Jesus to walk on water toward Him. It would require a supernatural act on God's part for this to happen. As long as the big fisherman stayed focused on Jesus and His Word the power to live above the storm was activated in his life. The moment he refocused his attention onto the storm surrounding him his faith was destroyed and the power was cut off. He became the wet fisherman. The very clear message? If we discipline ourselves (and it is a discipline today) to keep our mind and heart focused on God's truth there will be Holy Spirit power to live supernaturally above the storm that swirls around all of us in this nation today. There is a constant clamor around all of us to interpret the events of our society. News, opinions of people, our own perceptions. However, we have not heard truth until we have heard God's view of our surroundings. As Paul Harvey used to say "and now for the rest of the story"! God's view which is absolute and final truth in all matters is found  in His Word. That is the first place we need to look to understand what is happening around us. "Our nation is going to hell in a hand basket" is the common jabber. God's Word says "He rules in the affairs of men". Who is right? You may see no way out of your mess. Often by your own doing. God's Word states "God will make a way in the wilderness when there seems to be no way". Your problems may scream " insurmountable". God's Word screams "Is anything too hard for God"? Our enemy howls form the middle of our storm "darkness will win". God's Word declares "All authority is mine in heaven and earth". Circumstances mock "where is your God now"? God's Word answers "I will fear no evil for You are with me and He who began a good work in me will complete it". Believers are supposed to believe God's Word above the news, circumstances, logic, and the opinions of popular peedabs! (peedab: a goofball that is overly impressed with his own ignorance) When the outlook is bad, try the uplook! "Fixing our eyes on Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith"!

Eternal God, I praise you that there ain't no storm that can overcome you eternal Word!

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