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Posted by Brandon Patton on Tuesday, April 9, 2019 @ 9:13 AM

"Those who seek to destroy me set traps for me."

Psalm 38:12

The Bible has much to say about traps, snares, schemes and wiles. All of these are in reference to the plans that are set in motion by the enemy of our soul to "steal, kill and destroy" us, our families, our health, our churches and our relationships and the "abundant life" that our loving heavenly Father has given us through the cross. We are warned to "be vigilant", to "not be ignorant" and to "walk carefully" in order to avoid these traps set for us. As a pastor I have witnessed many times the pain and destruction that has come from people falling into the various snares set for them by the powers of darkness. I want to live well, love well and finish well with great joy. As my beloved brother Paul said "that I might finish my course with joy"! Our Father wants us to live to the fullest. Thats why He has given us His Word to be a "lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path" in order to recognize destructive plans and avoid them. I have learned two great truths from special ops soldiers that I have met that help me to understand how to navigate the landmine of spiritual warfare. First is wisdom. Military leaders study the tactics of their enemies at length in order to be able to identify how their adversaries will attempt to destroy them. This knowledge is invaluable as it enables the soldier to beware of his opponents activity. The Bible is a war manual that gives me the intel report on my enemies activities. I am warned to look for the snares of bitterness, pride, lust, greed, anger and ingratitude among others and recognize the danger of being drawn into these traps. The other great wisdom I gleaned from specially trained warriors is vigilance. No soldier dances across enemy territory singing Jimmy Buffet tunes oblivious to the possibility of danger around him. He takes each step carefully while being on high alert to any possibility of enemy activity. Why do you think the Bible warns us in First Peter to "be vigilant, be careful because your enemy stalks about seeking someone to destroy"? I am watching the destruction of way too many good people today who didn't take the avowed enemy of their soul seriously.  It shouldn't be this way. Our Father has given us every thing we need to succeed and prosper. Determine that you will not be one of the casualties in this very real battle.

Father, I praise you for your Word and your Spirit that will be my shield and defense in this war that rages around me. Thank you "that you O Lord are a shield about me, the defender of my life".

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