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Posted by Brandon Patton on Tuesday, April 9, 2019 @ 9:15 AM

"Did God indeed say?"

Genesis 3:1

Every evil thing throughout world history began with a question mark. It happened when the enemy of our souls approached Eve and placed a question mark where God had clearly placed a period. In his subtlety he caused the woman to question something that was eternally settled by God's Word. The result was catastrophic. It brought all evil into the earth and robbed humanity of the wonderful life the Creator had destined them for. If only Eve had rejected the evil ones attempt to challenge God's truth by boldly declaring "yes He has said and what He has said is truth that is forever settled". But, she didn't stand firm and the rest is world history. Thank God that in His great kindness He refused to give up on mankind and sent His Son to purchase back at the cross what Adam and Eve forfeited in the garden. Those of us that trust Him as Savior are redeemed sons and daughters of the most high forever! However, the enemy of our souls has never changed his method of operation in an attempt to steal what Jesus bought for us at the cross. His primary scheme is still to place a question mark over God's revealed truth in His Word. He knows well that if he can get us to doubt God's Word he can snare us and rob us of the life Christ has given us.   Even the slightest hesitation to stand firm on God's Word in the face of doubt will cost us something. It is imperative that we follow the example of Jesus who when He was tempted by satan boldly stated "it is written". Don't allow any thought of doubt, any question over the Word to have a place in your thinking. When God's Word declares that we are "new creatures, chosen, accepted, forgiven, cleansed, blessed, children of the living God, refuse to entertain any thought contrary to what He plainly states in His Word. Our blessing and victory hinges on our vigilance to hold to His Word when the worm of doubt attempts to creep into our thinking with his time tested lie "hath God said"? Its been said before but it can never be said enough, "never put a question mark where the God of the universe has put a period".

Father, I praise you that your Word is the immovable rock that my life and future are anchored to.

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