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Where the mind goes the man follows

Posted by Brandon Patton on Thursday, October 25, 2018 @ 8:40 AM

"The mind set on the Spirit is life and peace"

Romans 8:6

Being saved will not bring you into a great life. It will bring you to a great eternity! The abundant life that Jesus promised does not come from being His child, it only comes through what He calls a "renewed mind" or a change in the way we think. Romans 12:1-2 I know many believers that live miserable lives of discouragement, bitterness, self pity and frustration. It is not that they aren't children of God, rather its because of their undisciplined thinking. Jesus died for me to enjoy a life of peace, joy, hope, laughter and faith. He made it possible, but He can not think for me. Every moment I have the free will to chose my thoughts. If I choose to "set my mind on the things of the Spirit" such as His love for me, His promise of victory, hope, His blessings on my life, the beauty of God all around me etc. I will be full of life (hope, joy, expectation) and peace (worry free and free to enjoy this blessed day). If I choose to dwell on my problems, failures, the garbage around me in society, the difficulties that face me my mind will be full of "death" (anxiety, emptiness, fear, anger, frustration and discouragement). Its that simple. Really. My quality of life rises and falls on my thought life. "Where the mind goes the man follows". Due to the negative factors in society right now, the negative people in my face right now and the activity of dark powers that attack the mind right now it requires a certain amount of discipline to avoid "stinking thinking"! Command your mind to turn away from the garbage and focus on the "beautiful, inspiring, encouraging, excellent". Philippians 4:8 Make your mind come up higher instead of letting it wallow in the mud like a lazy hog!

Thank you Father for making abundant life available! Thank you for a free will to choose in this life. I choose to think "God" thoughts instead of garbage thoughts!

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