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The Word first

Posted by Brandon Patton on Monday, November 26, 2018 @ 11:13 AM

"Jesus said, it is written"

Luke 4:4

Good enough for Jesus, Good enough for me. The Bible reveals  a truth that is staggering to modern thought and quite frankly offends human reason. It is that we are in a constant struggle with a dark spirit world that has the ability to inject thoughts into our minds. Not only can thoughts be placed into our minds but these thoughts can be built into destructive thought patterns. (low self esteem, prejudice, pride, materialism, addictions) Many places in the scriptures we find this shown to us. An example is Ephesians 6 where we read "our struggle is not primarily with humans but with the rulers of darkness, spirit beings in the invisible realm". We are in a constant battle and the battlefield is the mind. However, we are not without a sufficient weapon. Jesus, when He walked on this earth faced the same struggle we do. In Luke 4 we see him attacked by the enemy as we are. He handled the assault the same way we should as an example to us. Every time he was approached with an enemy lie He responded "it is written". He didn't attempt to reason with the thoughts attempting to make sense of them. He didn't dwell on the thoughts. He didn't wilt under the thoughts and believe them. He simply turned to the eternal Word of God and spoke its truth to what He was attacked with. Jesus always put the Word first in His thoughts, words and actions. Our Father has given us His Word as our sure defense against the evil one whom Jesus called the "father of lies".  I can live my life free from the destruction that believing lies would bring by living with a "Word first" mentality. When thoughts come that are contrary to abundant life for me and others I simply ask "what does the Word say about that"?  Jesus called His Word the "truth". He also said "you will know the truth and the truth will make you free". I will constantly compare my thoughts to His Word to see if they line up in agreement with each other. Good enough for Jesus, Good enough for me.

Thank you Father for a sure plumb line of truth in this crazy upside down day in which we live. I believe that your Word is ultimate truth. I ask for the Holy Spirit's help in keeping your Word first in my thoughts.  

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