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The battle for the promises

Posted by Brandon Patton on Tuesday, December 4, 2018 @ 11:20 AM

"The person that looks at the liberating Word of God and continues in it will be blessed"

James 1:25

In the Bible, which is God speaking to us, we discover everything He died to give us. These are called the promises of God. We find that we are promised forgiveness, acceptance, heart healing, restored purpose, fruitful families, friendships, financial prosperity, a life vision and direction, and success among many other things. In other words: abundant life. Jesus suffered to bring us this glorious life, not without problems and challenges, but a life that is blessed by God in spite of the difficulties we all struggle through. It is His Word that we believe to begin to experience His constantly growing goodness to us. Is this verse in James we find that we not only "look to His Word to be blessed" but we must "continue" in it to be blessed. This reveals that there will be a "battle over His promises" and my need to "continue" or to fight for the promises. The first time we see our enemy in the Bible we find him in the garden challenging the promise of God. Satan asked Eve "hath God promised", attempting to steal the promise from her by causing her to doubt His Word. She fell for it. She should have "continued in the Word" and responded "He most certainly has said and you are not going to cause me to doubt my Father who tells the truth, now be gone with you liar"! There will always be a battle in your mind over the good promises of God. "Is this stuff real?" "What does that really mean?" (answer: exactly what it says!) "I don't deserve this." (who does?) "Doesn't make sense." (who cares?) If I falter and give in the promise will be stolen from me and I will lose the great blessing. I have determined to "continue" in the Word and refuse to lose the battle over His "exceedingly great and precious promises"! I choose to believe that "every promise in the Book is mine, every chapter, every verse, every line! I'll keep believing, speaking and praising Him for His divine promises that brought such great blessing to me, my family and church. I will cling to His Word until I see them come to pass no matter what I see, feel, think, or hear from others. He is faithful to do what He said he would in His time!

Great God of heaven, I praise you for your Word that reveals your plan and promises for me and mine! I will hold onto the promises you have given me until I see everyone come to pass. I will not surrender one thing that Jesus suffered to give me!

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