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To go high, go low

Posted by Brandon Patton on Thursday, December 20, 2018 @ 9:19 AM

"They bowed down and worshipped Him."

Matthew 2:11

Scripture tells us that when the wise men found the baby Jesus that they bowed before Him. To bow is a physical revelation of a heart posture of humility. It is to acknowledge submission before someone. It is the universal symbol of need. Through out the Bible we find a theme present that "God wars against the proud but gives grace to the humble". All through His Word and human history we see that our heart attitude before Him determines how He will deal with us. The proud, self sufficient, cocky, independent person is always turned away by Him. But, the one willing to confess his weakness, need, and dependence upon the Creator of the universe always finds mercy and kindness from Him. Even the two thieves on the cross on each side of Jesus (which are a picture of every person born) experienced different destinies due to their attitudes that day. Neither was worthy of mercy. Who is? However, after one demanded help with an arrogant attitude, which he didn't receive, the other humbled himself and asked for grace with bowed head. Jesus responded to his abasement with the words, "today you will be with Me in Paradise". Does it bother you that Christ would allow a criminal who never darkened the door of a church, gave a dime to help someone, was a menace to society to enter into Heaven? Its called grace. It is the unearned kindness of God given to people who know they haven't earned anything but ask Him for mercy anyway. If there is one life lesson that the Bible teaches it is that humility is the path to blessing. That the way up is down. "Have this heart in you that was in Christ, who didn't demand to be treated like God but humbled Himself and served people." If you want the Ruler of the universe to war against you, consider yourself great in your own eyes. If you want to find His kindness toward you humble yourself and bow before Him as a desperately needy man. "Everyone (guess what the greek word for everyone means?) who raises himself up will be brought down by God, and everyone (guess what the greek word for everyone means!) who humbles himself before Him will be raised up by Him. Oh, come let us adore Him!

Father, I praise you as did the mother of Jesus who prayed, "He who is mighty has done great things for me, He has put down the mighty from their thrones and lifted up the lowly"!

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