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Staying focused

Posted by Brandon Patton on Wednesday, January 2, 2019 @ 12:50 PM

"You strain out a gnat and swallow a camel."

Matthew 23:24

Nit picking was and is one of the things that Jesus can not stand! In this passage He goes off on ministers who spend their time majoring on minors. They would blast you for the smallest missteps but neglected to care for people in the big issues. It is one of our enemies most successful strategies. He constantly sidetracks us by keeping us tied up with petty issues. Christian news headlines today began with "Is it acceptable for Christian radio to play secular songs at Christmas"? Since we're talking about gnats let me ask, "who gives a flying gnat's rear end"? Young girls being trafficked, homes being torn apart, heroin addiction soaring again and you want to discuss the morality of playing Frosty the snowman? Get you an eternal life! How much of our limited time, energy and resources do we waste on issues that don't really have any eternal value? Our Savior was a master at staying focused on the big matters that made the most difference in people's lives. When people tried to draw Him into what the Bible calls "useless discussions" or fruitless activities He simply walked off and  continued with His life changing mission. Recently a congressman from Ohio who had been convicted of a federal crime was asked by a reporter about his parking spot at the congressional office building. His response was classic. He said, "I have an alligator chewing on my rear end and you want to bother me about a gnat on my nose"?! To live productive lives that make a difference in this world it is important to take a hard look at our priorities and ask ourselves "am I investing my time and heart in efforts that will have an impact for good in people's lives or am I wasting my life playing trivial pursuit? We have one life. One. Lets make it count!   

Father, I don't want to fritter away my life on things that make no difference to anybody. By your Spirit keep me focused on your mission which is to heal a broken world. Knit my heart to my assignment in your great plan of redemption. Like your Son, "I must be about my Father's business".

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