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If you're not stunned, its not grace

Posted by Brandon Patton on Wednesday, January 2, 2019 @ 12:50 PM

"He fell on his face at Jesus' feet hollering thank you for what you did for me!"

Luke 17:16

Just one of the many places in the Bible where people were overwhelmed by what God had done for them and expressed their gratitude with great emotion. Its called grace. Grace is the great word in the Bible. Grace is anytime that the God of the universe does something for me that I don't deserve, could never earn and can never pay Him back for. Grace is what He does because of who He is and not because of who I am or am not. Grace is when He takes a foul mouthed arrogant criminal and forgives him of all of his sins, makes him His friend, gives him a beautiful wife, a great family, a cool bright red bass boat, and them lets him make a living hollering about how great this God is! All through the Bible people were stunned by His unexpected kindness and benevolence toward them. In scripture He is lavish with His grace toward people. The Bible is a book about what God did for people. It's a book about a God of grace. Today religion has taken the amazing, stunning, shocking, surprising grace of God and reduced it down to a very understandable, explainable, boring grace. If you will change your ways (even if you don't want to) and behave and stop sinning and attend church and not go to sleep during the service (good luck), and stop cussing and give money and stop listening to country music, God might let you into heaven. Nothing amazing about that grace. At all. Religion is about what you do to try to earn a relationship with a stern deity. Grace is about what the all powerful God of this universe will do to be in a Father child relationship with you. If He were to murder His perfect Son in  agony and shame at the hands of demon possessed men so He could be good to you would you not call that stunning? If you're not shocked its not grace.  Merry Christmas! Somebody should write a song about this amazing grace.  

God of glory, who am I that you would show me such great kindness? I am surprised that you let me live after I cursed you so often years ago. I am amazed by your continued generosity to me through the years. I am stunned that you killed an innocent man in such a cruel way so that I could have a chance to live as your son. But, I am shocked to find out who that man was to you. Please don't ever let grace stop being amazing to me.

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