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Stupid hurts!

Posted by Brandon Patton on Tuesday, January 22, 2019 @ 9:57 AM

"The wages of sin is death."

Romans 6:23

It's just hard to have sympathy for some folks! Preacher buddy  of mine joined a group of people for lunch one day that he didn't know very well. But, they had invited him and he was glad to go. There was a girl seated at the table that was one of those "I don't share food" types. Certain people just can't stand for you to reach over. They might buy you your own but they ain't giving you their stuff! A guy said "I need to try one of those fries" as he glanced at her plate. She quickly told him that if he reached toward her plate she would stab him with her fork. He laughed as he stretched his hand toward her dinner. About the time he drew near her plate she plunged her fork into his hand. My buddy was in shock as was the dude that had just been stabbed. When he drew his hand back (very quickly) the fork was still in it. This totally messed up the planned fellowship since the guy now required medical attention. You may think hard of the chick that skewered the french fry bandit, but I don't have much sympathy for someone that was told what was coming and insisted on learning the hard way! Stupid hurts! Actually, I can relate to the wounded wanderer. How many times have I done something stupid after having been warned of the consequences only to discover that stupid really does hurt. There are certain things in life that produce pain. Great pain. This unanchored generation can't seem to grasp that actions have consequences. Thankfully, a loving Father has written us a book that reveals the landmines in life's road and warns us not to step on them. Many see the Bible as a book of restrictions that suck all the fun out of life. If you were starting down an unknown trail in a war zone and an intelligence officer offered to show you where the enemy had planted explosives would you tell him to "mind your own business"? That's malignant stupidity. I would be grateful for his help. Is this deep? Don't reject Loves offer to show you where the pitfalls are in life. People a whole lot smarter that me and you have learned the hard way that the road is indeed infested with booby traps. We have a map that will safely lead us home. Its called the Bible. Its a love letter written with nothing but our family's best interest in mind.

Father, we praise you for showing us in your Word where the pain is. We plead for grace to be wise enough not to walk into those traps.

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