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Our anchor

Posted by Brandon Patton on Tuesday, January 29, 2019 @ 9:33 AM

"I am persuaded that nothing shall be able to separate us from the love of God".

Romans 8:38-39

In this crazy day that we find ourselves living in today the only thing that seems to be certain is that nothing is certain. This is a day where relationships can evaporate in a day, jobs are lost overnight, health can change with a phone call, and wealth can disappear with one bad decision. Counselors talk of the stress of these times due to the instability  and uncertainty we are currently undergoing. By Divine design people need a certain amount of stability in life to live abundantly. Everybody needs an anchor to tether them to something that is immovable and unshakable. Although we are adventurous, we need a secure foundation to build on. What do you have in your life that you know you could never lose and can never be taken away from you? Obviously, the only permanent in this entire universe is the love of God. You may lose your health, your family, your wealth, but you can never lose the love of God even if you wanted to. Tell Him to stop loving you, curse Him, sin the most grievous sin, and still you can never separate yourself from His love for you. You did nothing to cause Him to care about you in the first place and you can't do anything to stop Him from caring. When we reach the place where we can say as the Bible says, "I am persuaded that nothing can separate me from the love of God", we are then able to live with security and confidence in uncertain days because we are anchored to the only thing in the universe that is absolutely unmovable and unchangeable. When the enemy of our soul begins to slip thoughts of fear into our minds that always begin with the words "what if", we can answer with humility but confidence, "if you can stop the Creator of this universe who is my Father from loving me then the "what ifs" might come to pass. But, if you can't stop Him from loving me, your fear is a lie. A life built on a foundation of anything except God's perfect love is going to fail one day. Just a matter if time. However, if all of my hope is in His great heart, as revealed in His Word, then I have eternal confidence that will never be shaken.

Father, I thank you for an anchor for my soul that will be forever tied to your heart. Your love is my eternal foundation.    

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