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Lying or faith?

Posted by Brandon Patton on Tuesday, January 29, 2019 @ 9:33 AM

"The child is not dead, she is just asleep."

Mark 5:39

In one of the strangest passages in the Bible, Jesus upon coming into the home of a family where the daughter had died, spoke up and said that she wasn't dead, but that she was asleep. If you know the story you know that He raised her from the dead a few minutes later, but that still doesn't explain why He said she was not dead when she plainly was. Is Jesus lying here? Or is there something here we need to see that teaches us about living by faith? The answer is found in many places in His Word but perhaps nowhere better than in Romans 4:17 where He is called the "God who calls those things that are not yet as though they already were".  Our rationalistic minds have demanded that we see things as they are and call them what they are now. Faith sees what God promises and calls the situation what He says about it. Logic looks at me and sees a sinner. Faith sees a saint and calls him that. Logic sees a struggling follower. Faith sees a conqueror and calls him that. Logic looks into the future and sees uncertainty. Faith looks into the future and sees "goodness and mercy all the days of my life" and calls the future that. Logic looks in the check book and says "broke". Faith looks in God's book and says "every need supplied"! Logic looks into the casket of a departed believer and says "dead". Faith looks into the Heavens by way of God's Word and says "dancing before the throne"! To say what God says is not lying even if the natural mind revolts as those in that girl's house did as "they laughed Him to scorn". Are you going to be like the skeptics in the house and "call it like you see it"? Or will you follow Jesus and "call those things that are not yet as though they already were"?  The Bible says that Jesus was laughed at for saying what He did. Let the scorners laugh. Who laughed last?

Father, thank you for calling us to a life of faith that doesn't wait to see your promises come to pass before we believe. Thank you for the blessed life of believing what you say before we see! 

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