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The lonely cry of the top dog

Posted by Brandon Patton on Tuesday, January 29, 2019 @ 9:34 AM

"No one acknowledges me, no one cares for my soul."

Psalm 142:4

Sociologists are saying that we are experiencing an epidemic in our land of loneliness. How can this be? There are more than 330 million of us living here now. We have never been more connected in history due to the evolution of social media. The answer is rather easy is it not? You can be in a crowd and still be lonely. You can have a thousand "followers" and still feel alone. You can live in a house and share a bed with someone and not feel connected. The cure for loneliness is not geographical, its heart connection. When God said in Genesis "it is not good for a man to be alone", He revealed that we are created to live connected to other people not just in proximity, but emotionally and spiritually. King David's cry in Psalm 142 reveals that even famous people struggle to make the relational connection that the heart longs for. You can live without close enjoyable friend relationships but you can't thrive without them. What is God's remedy for the hole in every soul that searches for meaningful relationships? Brace yourself! Its the church. One of the three purposes of Him starting "church" was to build a place where people could find the deep relationships that are so necessary to experiencing an abundant life. The church should be the model for relationships. More often than not it has failed miserably in this task. How many people have found rejection and woundedness in churches instead of loving friendships? At best it seems that relationships in churches are superficial and plastic due to the requirement in many churches that we must appear to "have it all together as good Christians". Nonsense. I am committed to building a house of hope where people can come just as you are and meet other struggling, less than perfect people that want to walk this journey out together helping each other rather than judging each other. Do not settle for life without the joy of a few true close friends. Pour your heart out to God as David did  and ask Him to put people in your life that you can do life with in an authentic atmosphere of great friendship. He will answer. Then you can say as David said in verse seven, He has dealt bountifully with me and surrounded me with the righteous.

Father, you created us to need true friendships. I trust you to connect me with those people, and make me a "friend that sticks closer than a brother".

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