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Educated beyond intelligence!

Posted by Brandon Patton on Thursday, January 31, 2019 @ 10:06 AM

"Claiming to be wise they have become fools".

Romans 1:22

Currently in America we are the most educated generation in world history. And how's that doing us? A government that is totally dysfunctional, schools teaching children that they descended from monkeys (apologies to the monkeys), promising men that they can become women, trying to reach financial prosperity by spending money like drunken sailors (apologies to the drunk sailors, at least they quit spending when they run out of money), among  a myriad of other ideas that we have labeled as "progress". Pardon me for saying, but am not so sure that we haven't been educated beyond our intelligence! I'm just a truck driver but it seems to me that if this is what smart looks like we are in deep do do! Heck, my grandpa only went through the sixth grade but he knew better that to try build a life on such nonsense of a foundation. What happened to us that seems to have turned out the lights in our heads and hearts? As always the answer to life's big questions are found in a Book that we chose to remove from our halls of education long ago. The Bible says that "the respect of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom". While we don't lack for education in this land we are desperately depleted of wisdom today. Wisdom is the ability to make great decision that lead to a great life. Its what our founders leaned on to build a great nation. I doubt seriously that I will turn this country back to the Book and its wisdom that were it's early underpinnings, but I thank God that His wisdom is available to anyone who will humble themselves and admit their need for His guidance. It may seem old fashioned and outdated to look to such an ancient book to build a life and home on, but considering what throwing it away has done for us, I think I might just go back to what worked so well for grandpa. I trust God more than I do a professor with a PhD that once was a monkey hanging in a tree.

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