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Keep it simple

Posted by Brandon Patton on Thursday, January 31, 2019 @ 10:06 AM

"Follow me"

Matthew 4:19

You have no doubt heard it before: religion gives you rules, Jesus gives you relationship. Its all the difference in the world. Rules are fairly easy. Just tell me what to do and I can either do it or not. Easy to check off the list of religious rules that my particular group demands. Attend church, read the Bible, pray, be nice to people, do some charity work, etc. The rules vary according to either your group or your own conviction. Anything from a few simple ones, all the way to more that anybody can remember, much less do. However, Jesus simplified the whole program with two words. "Follow me". Big difference. I can't tell you what to do if you are a follower. You simply follow. Its relational. If you need to get somewhere I can either give you directions or I can tell you to follow me in my car. You don't need to know anything except to watch and follow. That's life with Jesus. He simply calls us to walk with Him day by day. To follow Him you have to be able to hear Him. How can you follow someone if you can't hear them? Jesus said, "my sheep hear my voice and they follow me". Make hearing Him your greatest priority in life. If I decide to follow Jesus, its a bit unnerving since I don't know where we are going. Its called trust. Like Abraham I am committed to "going out not knowing where he was going". But, If I know His goodness and His love for me, (not to mention His track record with others who followed) I will follow knowing where He leads me will be better than where I would have taken me. No doubt the greatest advantage to following Jesus over religion is the fellowship. As we walk together I get to know Him personally and we enjoy the journey. I was created to get to know God and enjoy Him. Greatest life lesson: the journey with Him is the destination. I'm a simple guy. I am convinced that we have way overcomplicated life.  All I have to do is make a decision to live following my Creator and then take the next step He shows me. How easy is that?  

Father, I praise you for making life so simple. Thank you for inviting me to walk with all the way to your house! 

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