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How often do you eat?

Posted by Brandon Patton on Thursday, March 14, 2019 @ 9:37 AM

"He who feeds on me will live because of me."

John 6:57

It doesn't matter how well you have been eating or what great  physical condition you are in, if you stop eating you will become weak. If you continue to go without eating you will die. Is this hard to understand? You must eat to live. If you eat great nutritious food you will live well. We understand this about our bodies, therefore we feed ourselves well. Why do we have so much trouble understanding God's truth that our souls, just like our bodies, are a direct reflection of our eating habits. To be saved is to be born again. It is a real Spirit birth. You can't live just by being born. You must feed and be nourished to live. Both body and soul. In this great passage Jesus explains that He is the "bread of life". Does that name tell us something? What physical bread is to our bodies, His Spirit is to our spirit. It is the daily nourishment that we must consume to live strong. Why do so many believers start out so well and then after a while or after forty years they die spiritually? They are alive physically but there is no Spirit life in them. It is the simple truth that they stopped feeding on Christ Himself. Stop eating and you die. Slowly. To live Kingdom life you must learn how to feed yourself daily. Good stuff. Just as a baby may be spoon fed at first and he later learns to feed himself, a new believer may need to be spoon fed at first but he must learn how to feed on Christ for himself. How do you "feed on Jesus"? For me it is to get alone and let Him feed me on His Word by His Spirit. Some like to pray while listening to worship music. Others walk alone outdoors and talk to Him. However He leads you to do it you must eat to live. Its not for His sake. I eat for my sake so I can stay strong and live well. Its good to attend church and be fed. But, just like one meal a week, even if its a big one, is not enough to live on, much less stay strong on, one spiritual feeding a week isn't enough. When we understand that our lives are a direct reflection of our spiritual strength we will make it a priority to feed ourselves well on God's Spirit so that we can live well.

Dear Jesus, thank you for being the bread and water, the wine and milk, the honey from the Rock that I need to live strong and thrive. Teach me how to "feed on you".

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