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Bread from Heaven

Posted by Brandon Patton on Thursday, March 14, 2019 @ 9:37 AM

"My Father gives you the true Bread from heaven."

John 6:32

In this passage Jesus is asked by some Jewish friends, that since Moses gave them bread from heaven, what would He give them? They were reflecting on the time that God sent manna from heaven to feed them. In order to sustain them God let bread fall from heaven everyday to feed them. One stipulation was that it was daily bread. The bread that fell was good only for that day. If they tried to save it for the next day it rotted. He wanted them to trust Him daily. Hundreds of years later Jesus reveals that the whole bread in the wilderness thing was a prophetic parable that actually pointed to Him. He said that Moses did not give the true bread but that "my Father gives you the true bread from heaven". Then He went on to say "I am the bread of life". Here we find a precious secret that just as the children of Israel had to eat everyday what God provided in order to live strong, we must feed on Jesus daily in the same fashion. What about the "one days portion every day" stuff. It is a revelation that yesterday's strength from heaven will not carry me today. I need a daily "meal" to live a great life. We were not designed by our Creator to live without eating for long periods of time. Physically or spiritually. You can no more live on one touch from God's Spirit a week than you can live on one meal a week. Healthy living comes from healthy eating. Much like the poster child for a "feed the hungry" campaign, so many of God's children are starving to death spiritually. Not because they are bad people, but because they don't eat enough to stay alive. We make time to feed our bodies three times a day (plus!), lets make time to feed our spirits on the Bread of life daily so we don't end up in intensive care! You learned how to cook physical food. Get in the Word and learn how to cook spirit food for your soul to feed on!

Thank you for providing the Spirit for my daily Bread! Teach me how to feed on Him so I can live strong and long! 

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