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Posted by Brandon Patton on Thursday, March 14, 2019 @ 9:39 AM

"The Lord spoke to me, saying: you have circled this mountain long enough."

Deuteronomy 2:2-3

God delivered His people from captivity to take them to a land of great promise. It was His great love and kindness toward them. However, something happened along the way. They got stuck. They began to go around and around the same mountain instead of moving forward to what God had planned for them. There came a day when He told them "enough". Stop circling this mountain. Get unstuck and go forward. What a picture of many people today. Saved from bondage to begin a walk with Jesus that will lead to a place of His blessing only to get stuck on the journey. Stuck in a rut of failure. Did you screw up big time? Are you paralyzed by the past thinking that you blew it so bad that you can't possibly see the best land now. Stuck in a pit of self pity because of what someone did to you. Because of missed opportunities? Because of "I ain't got what it takes"? Are you stuck in a place of faithlessness? You used to expect great big things were coming your way. You used to dream of down the road. Now you are "content to dwell there". Surrendering your God given heart desires to the rut of a "get by" life. Are you trudging around the same old mountain of "that's all you will ever amount to"? Its easy to get stuck in a rut that causes us to exist without living. Hear the voice of God today. Remember, the Bible is God speaking to you. Just as He called Israel to break this pattern and forge ahead, He calls you to do the same. Ruts are easy. Breaking free into the unknown is difficult. Ruts are graves. A renewed desire to "lay hold of what Christ laid hold of me for" is energizing  and brings life back to dead bones. Tell the voices in your head to shut the hell up. Thoughts that mock your heart desire to see God do great things in you and through you. Thoughts that scorn you and point out past failures, defeats and shortcomings. They lie. Jesus is the truth. His Word is truth. The call of God to "move out" is a call to start believing for more of His goodness and blessing as you determine (like that word) to break out of the rut and go for the best He has to offer. Let's do it.  

Dear Jesus, I believe that you saved me for more that just getting by. I want to break out of this rut and find the path that leads to everything you have planned for me and mine. Thank you for calling me to move on.

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