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Grace or law?

Posted by Brandon Patton on Thursday, March 14, 2019 @ 9:39 AM

"The law came through Moses but, grace and truth came through Jesus Christ."

John 1:17

There has always been much debate among followers of Jesus about grace verses law. The Bible tells us that Moses gave the law. Simple really, obey these ten commands and have a good life. Break them and suffer. Jesus came and fulfilled the law for us so that now we live not under the law but under what the Bible calls grace. Many teach that since we are under grace that we can live without regard for the law. Do anything we feel like and still be blessed because we are no longer under law. Wrong. Others speak of grace but their message is still law. Its called legalism. How can I know where I fall? Its very simple. If you view the commands of God given in the Bible as commands that you have to try to obey, you are under the law. You are a card carrying legalist. (same ones that nailed God to a tree) If you view the commands of God in the Bible as promises you are living under grace. Follow me. One day Jesus told a man that had a deformed hand to "stretch out your hand". Was this a cruel joke in front of a big crowd designed to mock him? I ask you, could the man stretch out his hand? No. He was in no way capable. However, in faith he attempted to obey Jesus and to his surprise, God honored his faith and worked a miracle that did allow him to stretch out his hand. Tell me, was "stretch out your hand" a command or a promise? It was both. Welcome to grace! Jesus told Simon to "step out on the water". Impossible? Absolutely. A command or a promise? Both. He obeyed and what happened? That's grace. How about this one; "love your enemies". Command or promise? Try it alone as a command. See it as a promise under grace.   The law demands but does not help. Which leaves a trail of frustrated, discouraged disciples in its wake. Grace demands, and then when we in faith attempt to obey find that the same God who commands also provides Holy Spirit power to do the impossible. To His glory and our delight!  The legalist sees the Bible as a rulebook. Grace people see the Bible as a promise book! Law people see God as a stern demanding Wizard of Oz that can never be pleased. Grace people see God as a loving Father who delights in helping His children do the impossible! The law will wear you (and your pastor) out, leaving you "labored and heavy laden". Grace says "come unto me and find rest. My yoke (commands and requirements) are easy. My burden is light. You will live rested and refreshed". Why would anyone choose law over grace once they know the difference?

God of all grace, thank you for the new way of grace that Jesus came to bring me into. I "cast out the law" to live in a new way by your Spirit. I praise you that "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"!   

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