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When hope speaks

Posted by Brandon Patton on Thursday, March 14, 2019 @ 9:40 AM

"Look now toward the stars and count them if you are able; so shall your descendants be."

Genesis 15:5

He was an old man who had long ago given up on his dream. In his culture family was paramount. A man lived to have a son that he could raise, partner with in family business and then leave as a legacy to himself. It had been years since Abraham had finally accepted the reality that he would die childless. The bitterness of not being blessed by God with a child in a religion that taught that barrenness was the judgement of God had been a painful thought for many years. At eighty plus years all hope was long abandoned. Until one surprising night when the Creator Himself visited the old man and took him outside. God admonished him to "look up and count the stars". As he began to scan the skies viewing the vast universe he heard the voice of God as He declared, "so shall be your children". His intellect rejected the idea as utter foolishness. To think that a couple in their eighties could conceive was nonsense. However, his heart leaped within him knowing that Jehovah was incapable of lying. That is the nature of true faith. Your reason will be repelled while your heart will rejoice. God doesn't plant faith in our rational heads, He plants true faith in our hearts. That's why the Bible says in Romans that "with the heart man believes". With great joy and anticipation Abraham did believe what he was told even though he no doubt struggled with intellectual doubt as we all do while believing God's promises. You know the outcome. Today millions trace their ancestry back to the old man that chose to believe. This is the premier picture of faith in the Bible. Held up as an example for all of the ages. This moving story also reveals greatly the true nature of the God we call Father and His heart to speak to His children and plant dreams in their hearts that only He can fulfill. What would He say to you if you were to listen to Him? I have no idea. No one can box Him in. "His ways are higher". But I do know this from scripture, it would have the same effect on you that it did on Abraham. It would be the "desires of your heart". And He alone can and will bring it to pass as we believe Him. Do you think that He loves Abraham more than you? Do you think that Abraham is "top tier" and you are "second string"? Do I really need to remind you of what He says in His Word about Him being "no respecter of persons"? If He had a dream for Abraham He has one for you. It will offend your intellect. But, it will ignite your heart. Listen to Him. Believe what He puts in your heart. Let Him be the God of Abraham to you also.

God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Brian, You who designed our hearts and lives before time began are the only one capable of fulfilling your plans for us. I trust you to reveal your wishes to our hearts and then bring them to pass in due season.

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