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The need to believe

Posted by Brandon Patton on Thursday, February 21, 2019 @ 9:41 AM

"I would have lost heart unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living."

David in this verse reveals the secret to his blessed life. I would argue that he may have been the man that God did more for than any other person in history. He was a nobody from a poor family. His own father didn't think he would amount to much. How do you go from that start to being the greatest king, military commander, and musician that ever lived? When Jesus returns He will rule from "the throne of David" which is located in "the city of David" (Jerusalem). He himself attributed all of his success to God. "Who am I and what is my house that you have brought me this far?" In this great verse we see what it was about David that God blessed. He believed that God would do big things for him. He expected God to be good to him. He speaks of "losing heart" or as we would say, being discouraged, if he didn't believe God would do something for him. God was not offended by David's expectations. He was honored by them. The Bible teaches that our God is a faith God. That He responds to our faith and expectation of His goodness to us. What about you? What are you expecting from Him? What are you believing Him to do for you and your family? Anything big? To begin to receive His goodness you need to do three things. First, get into His word and study His goodness. See how generous and gracious He is. See how He loves to do things for the undeserving. This will build your own faith since "faith comes from hearing the word of God". Second, get in His word and find His promises to you. Don't waste His promises. He gave them to you for a reason. Then pray in faith and ask Him to bring those promises of goodness to pass in your life and home. Stand in faith believing that what He promised He will do. Jesus died to bring the goodness of heaven to you. Lets don't lose what He died to give us as His chosen covenant children.  

I praise you that you are a good God. A Father that blesses His children abundantly. I choose to believe that you are good to me and my family.  

He hears

Posted by Brandon Patton on Thursday, February 21, 2019 @ 9:41 AM

"Call on me and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things you do not know."

Jeremiah 33:3

I don't know any children of God that don't believe in prayer. I know of none that would say that God doesn't hear their prayers. But, having said that, I don't know of many that pray expecting an answer. Is it right to expect our great God to answer our call to Him? Or, do we just fire up requests and hope something hits? Sort of like shooting at blackbirds in the dark? Where can I find an answer to what is no doubt one of the biggest questions of life? If He hears and answers prayer what does that do for me and my family? If He doesn't or won't answer, why pray? Is it just a religious ritual we go through? You draw what you believe from one of three sources basically. You can build what you believe on God's Word, your experience, or what someone else teaches. Where did you get what you believe about prayer from? It should go without saying that I vote for our belief being based on God's Word. If that is my choice, then I need to ask myself "what does He say"? I don't have space to review all the promises that He makes in His Book concerning His willingness to answer my call to Him. One of my favorites is today's verse in Jeremiah. What if it were true? What if He really would answer me and "show me great and mighty things"? May I propose that there are only two options? Either its true or its not. I want to challenge you to consider something; what kind of father would tell his child over and over to ask him for things knowing that he was not going to give them anything? I would say that he was cruel father. Am I to believe that the God who killed His Son to save me would promise to answer me when I pray knowing that He didn't intend to keep His promise? A thousand times no! I'll never believe that He who is ultimate goodness and compassion would play games with me in my need by having me ask when He never intended to answer. I can't explain all the "how comes" that people ask concerning prayer. I've given up trying to figure everything out so I can explain. But, one thing I do know; the God who gave His dear Son to help me can not lie. He tells the truth. When He says "ask and you will receive", I know he will keep His Word. Lets start praying like we expect Him to keep His promise and answer us.

Father, I praise you that your goodness makes you faithful. I usually pray just to visit and give thanks for all you have done. But, what a joy to know that when need arises I can call and you will answer. 

"I thought"

Posted by Brandon Patton on Thursday, February 21, 2019 @ 9:40 AM

"I thought surely He would..."

2 Kings 5:11

There are two words that will cause you to miss the goodness of God to you every time. "I thought". Naaman was a leper who asked God to help him. God agreed and then told him what to do to be healed. When Naaman heard what God said he became angry and said "I thought surely He would do it the way I wanted Him to". God wanted to help the man. God's way. For Naaman it became do it God's way or die. There was no negotiating the means of help. He had to accept the deal or die. Finally he gave in and was helped. This lesson is repeated all through the Bible. His willingness to help the undeserving is stunning. Then the question becomes; why doesn't He help more people? Simple answer; they don't like His way. In His Word he has promised that during every temptation there would be a "way of escape". The catch is that He gets to name "the way". Many times I have met people in hellish bondage to bitterness that had to be medicated to function who wanted me to pray for them. Glad to. When I would give them His way of escape which is forgive completely and ask forgiveness the answer was "I would rather die than be healed His way". Some did. God is rather funny about things being done "His way". He won't bend on this one. How tragic would it be to miss Heaven's best life because we demanded that it be on our terms? Quite frankly I am shocked at the people that insist on God bending to suit their demands. Do I really need to tell you  that He is smarter? That He sees things that we don't? I promise you that He is willing and able to help in every situation if we could just run up the white flag and say "not my will, yours be done".

Thank you that there is an answer for every need. If you will heal a pagan general that was attacking your people I believe you care about my situation. I want your best, done your way.   

Making happiness

Posted by Brandon Patton on Wednesday, February 13, 2019 @ 1:42 PM

"If you know these things happy are you if you do them."

John 13:17

Its no secret that the driving force in life is the search for happiness. Our nation was founded on the "pursuit of happiness". Countess books and articles have been written on the "secret to true happiness". I often hear single people say that they hope to find someone that will "make them happy". If this holy grail of happiness is so desired by so many why does it remain so elusive? With all that we have indulged ourselves in today that is supposed to make us happy, why does happiness seem to be at an all time low in the land? I am convinced from scripture that much as the country song that crooned about "looking for love in all the wrong places", people are searching for happiness in the wrong places. Our culture has pumped it into our heads and hearts that happiness is found in self indulgence. Get more. Be more. Do more. The entire message of the day seems to be "place yourself at the center of the universe and you will find what you are looking for". No wonder pollsters tell us that Americans are increasingly miserable. Nothing could be further from the truth. For starters should we not look to our Creator for the secrets to how this life works? He wrote a book about life. In this book are the keys to living it well. In John 13 we find the simple secret to true heart happiness. Jesus, who is God in a human body, humbles himself and washes the dirty feet of his friends. Nothing religious here, He saw their need and met it. Its called serving people. After He had been seated again He revealed a great truth. "I have given you an example, go do for people what I did for you". Then He adds these words, "if you know these things, happy are you if you do them". There it is. God Almighty revealing the road to great happiness in life. He stands the cultural message on its head. Completely upside down. Happiness doesn't come from getting something, its comes from giving something. Makes no sense whatsoever. Who cares? It works. Want to up your "happiness level"? Get your mind off you and go serve somebody. "Have this mind in you that was in Christ, who came to serve mankind". "How much do I have to serve to be happy", you may ask. I would answer, "how happy do you want to be"? Our Creator has handed you the key to what your heart desires. Now, its up to you to get started. I promise you that the opportunities to serve people are abundant and right in front of you!  

Father, deliver me from the self centeredness that sucks the life out of me. Make me like your Son who came "not to be served, but to serve".

Do you Laugh?

Posted by Brandon Patton on Wednesday, February 13, 2019 @ 1:42 PM

"Therefore Sarah laughed to herself."

Genesis 18:12

She was just an average woman at the time. Nothing special. However, in spite of her run of the mill life the God of heaven visited her and revealed to her His plans for her life. Her response? "Sarah laughed". Why would anyone laugh in the presence of the Almighty of the universe? Seems to me that you would be in awe. Maybe that you would worship and bow down? What was so funny? Simple answer; His plans were so big and so beyond imagination that she laughed at the size of what He promised. Did He get angry at her response? Not at all. He responded to her with the great verse that I love so much, "is anything too hard for the Lord?" She was overwhelmed with what He had in mind. It was indeed funny when you consider what He said! Question; why is this in the Bible? Is it so we can cheer for Sarah? A beyond belief promise that He indeed did bring to pass? What if this is in the Bible to speak to me? What if His plans for me and mine were so huge that I would laugh when I heard them? I refuse to believe that He has certain children that get great big crazy dreams like Sarah, and the rest of us get small, puny, barely get by lives of mediocrity. I see a God that loves to shock His own with plans and promises that are humorous to the natural thinking due to their size and scope! If its a small plan and dream, you can do that. Where is the promise that is so big that only He can pull it off? Listen to Him and let Him speak into your heart "the plans I have for you". If they make you laugh, its Him. Too old now for big stuff? Sarah was eighty. Too rough for Him? Moses was a felon in hiding. Too ungodly? David was, you name it! I promise you that if you were to hear all that is in His heart you would laugh! And He would bring it to pass!

God of big stuff, I praise you for your plans. Enough of getting by. Show me "the plans of your heart" so I can laugh and believe!        

Lay hold!

Posted by Brandon Patton on Wednesday, February 13, 2019 @ 1:41 PM

"I press on that I may lay hold of that for which Christ has laid hold of me."

How I love this verse and the truth that it conveys! The words "lay hold" are "arrested" in our modern vernacular. I have been arrested a few times (none recently) and I assure you it can be a rather forceful event! The Bible states here that Jesus "arrested" those of us that follow Him. Just as a policeman pursues a criminal to arrest him Jesus pursued us relentlessly to make us His. "Arresters"don't ask and they don't take no for an answer. How thankful I am that He pursued me and "arrested" me for Himself! But, notice the rest. This verse states that He "arrested" me for something, and I am to "arrest" that which He "arrested" me for. What is it that He "arrested" me for? Heaven? Absolutely! But what about now? His Word reveals the treasury of what He has promised when I am in His family. Holy Spirit power to live, love, be at peace, have hope in my heart, live joyously regardless of circumstances among other great gifts. He promises a life of adventure as I experience His activity in me and around me. He has promised great relationships that He has planned for me. The catalog of faith benefits is almost endless! Obvious question? If He has promised all this great stuff as a result of my "arrest" by Him, where is it? I am willing to be blessed, but I don't see the goods! Go back and read the rest of the verse. You will see that His promised blessings are not automatic, nor do they fall like ripe cherries on me as a believer. What does it say? I must "press on" and "lay hold" of what my heart longs for. A passive religious  attitude will leave you blessingless! (its a word) I hear aggression in this great Word! I hear a man saying "if Christ died to bless me then I will go after it until I get it". I may not know how but He don't lie and I am not going to give up on what He has promised. Do not settle (hate that word) for a less that abundant life when He died to give you something much better! Have you resigned to "getting by"? May I appeal to you from scripture? Do you not think that He who created everything beautiful from the sunset to the coastal plain to the bluebird to the smile of a newborn can not create a beautiful life? Quit wishing and go fishing! Quit existing and start dreaming again! Decide to "lay hold" of what He died to purchase for you!  

Father, forgive me for living so "little" after you planned so big. I want everything I was "arrested" for! Lead me as I press on to lay hold of your promises. Every single one of them!

When dead bones come alive!

Posted by Brandon Patton on Wednesday, February 13, 2019 @ 1:41 PM

"Son of man, can these bones live again?"

Ezekiel 37:3

In one of the most unusual passages in the Bible we find God placing a preacher in a "valley full of dry bones" where He asks the preacher if the bones can come alive again. He gives God a good safe answer, "only you know". When he is told to speak to the  bones "the Word of the Lord" he obeys and as he is speaking something miraculous happens. The bones begin to come alive again. Slowly sinew and flesh covered the bones and before long they stood on their feet again. Since the Bible is God speaking to me, what is the message He is conveying to me here? One of the most exciting and grandest truths in the Kingdom is revealed here. When God speaks He causes that which has died to come alive again. Even that which has long been dead and is "very dry". How many people walk around with hearts that are dead? Just going through the motions. How many dreams that once inspired and ignited people's hearts are now cold and forgotten? How many marriages have lost the passion and romance that once caused a husband and wife to lay awake and think about each other affectionately? How many dreamers launched out into the world to change it for the better only to find themselves years later giving in to the cynicism of failure? In the words of an 80s pop song "something inside has died and I can't hide and I can't fake it". Jesus said "the words that I speak to you are Spirit and they are life". When God speaks to our hearts by His Spirit something begins to happen inside of us. Life begins to return. Just as those dry bones did we begin to come alive again on the inside. Hope begins to rise up by His power. We begin to dream again. We begin to experience an excitement that we lost years ago about Jesus, about our romance, about our future and about life itself. Since He is the author of life, when He speaks He imparts life to our dead hearts.  How long has it been since you were excited about waking up to a new day? Since you found great joy in the simple things in life? Since you couldn't go to sleep for dreaming about something that was on fire in your heart? Maybe its time for you to "hear the Word of the Lord" and and let it bring life back to your heart? I am convinced by scripture and by life experience that the most important thing we do is to hear God speak to our hearts. His voice alone can ignite our hearts to life again about everything in life. Tell Him you want to hear Him speak to your heart. Ask Him how. He wants to speak to you more than you want to hear. Live to listen to the one who makes dreams come to life again.

Father, Its been so long since I dared to dream and live. Speak Lord, you child listens.


Posted by Brandon Patton on Wednesday, February 13, 2019 @ 1:40 PM

"Casting all your cares and concerns once and for all on Him because He cares for you and watches over you affectionately."

1 Peter 5:7 (amp)

Has there ever been a truer verse written than one found in the old hymn that says "Oh, what peace we often forfeit, Oh, what needless pain we bear, all because we do not carry every need to God in prayer"? Do I need to take time to tell you how capable our God is at handling problems? Need I remind you how big He is? How powerful? The whole universe exists at His command. No, I don't think the problem is that we doubt His ability. Our struggle is with doubting His concern. Who am I that He should get involved with me? I am not one of His better children. If you knew what I was like you wouldn't be telling me to call on Him. I agree with you. I also am in the "struggler's hall of fame". However, all I can do is believe and trust His Word, and His Word does not agree with you. If the man says that He "feeds the sparrows and you are of more value than many sparrows", I believe Him. If He tells me that He "clothes the flowers which today are beautiful and tomorrow are wilted" and that He will cloth and provide for me, I believe Him. If He tells me that "as a father has compassion on his child so the Lord has compassion on His own", I believe Him. Would you listen If your son or daughter came to you with a great need? Or a small need or concern? The ultimate evidence of His great concern for you and me is found in Romans 8. "He who spared not His dear Son for us all, how will He not with Him also freely give us all things?" He would sacrifice His Son for you but He won't listen to your needs? Pay your power bill? Forgive your sins? Encourage you? A thousand times no. Lets quit carrying a load that's too heavy for us. Lets "cast our cares on Him". Enough lost peace and needless pain. Take your burdens to the Lord and leave them there.  

Father, how grateful I am that the God who was my sin bearer is also my burden bearer. Forgive me for struggling through life carrying my load when you would lovingly carry it for me. Its a special kind of dumb that would refuse your offer to shoulder all of my  concerns and worries!

The impossible commands

Posted by Brandon Patton on Wednesday, February 13, 2019 @ 1:40 PM

"Stretch out your hand"

Mark 3:5

When Jesus commanded a man that had a deformed hand to "stretch it out" was He mocking a handicapped person? Was this some cruel joke? I ask you; how can a man with a deformed hand stretch it out? In this passage we discover one of the greatest revelations of how our great God deals with us. Jesus knew that the man couldn't stretch out his hand. By himself.  However, we see that when the man obeyed and tried to do what Jesus commanded something happened. God honored his faith and a miracle took place. The God who commanded him to do something gave him the ability to do what he could not do in his strength as he obeyed. This is the great difference between dead religion and Kingdom life. Religion commands you to do many things. Most are beyond your ability. (if not yours, they are certainly beyond mine) Then a religious spirit beats you up when you can't. That's what the Bible calls condemnation. Our Father commands us to do many things that are way beyond our ability and then He gives the ability by His Spirit to do what He asks. Just as He did with the handicapped man. I heard a preacher say once  "God will never ask you to do what you can't do". Hogwash. He and I obviously have different Gods. Mine has never asked me to do much that I can do. Try this on for size. "Husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church". Try it. Punch me out before I even start. However, here is the great mystery of His Spirit. When I obey His command I find a power that causes His will to come to pass. How about; "love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who stab you in the back". He who commands, supplies the power to do His will. Jesus was constantly commanding the impossible. He told His disciples to feed five thousand with a happy meal. Really? But, when they obeyed he multiplied the food till there was a plenty. He told a cripple to get up and walk. When he obeyed God did something wonderful. Once He told  a man to walk on water. So much for not being asked to do the impossible! Do you really think Simon could obey without God's help? You know the end of the story. Everything He calls us to do has His power behind it . He said "apart from Me you can do nothing". Amen. Even the "command" to "rejoice in the Lord always" can only be obeyed if He gives His joy by His Spirit. A stern deity glares at people and commands then to perform. He then brings swift judgement down on those who struggle in human weakness. That's religion. A loving Father calls to His child to attempt the impossible knowing that He will bless their faith with the power to accomplish His will. The next time you hear Him say "walk on water", don't waste time telling Him why you can't. Get out there and see what He does!

Thank you Father that "Christ in me is the hope of glory"!

How can you be sure?

Posted by Brandon Patton on Monday, February 4, 2019 @ 10:05 AM

"Faith is the certainty of things hoped for, the assurance of things not yet seen."

Hebrews 11:1

How many times have I been asked "how can I know for sure"? People want to know for sure if they will go to heaven when they die. No doubt this is the big issue. People long for certainty concerning many other issues. Will God forgive me? Does He hear my prayer? Did I pray right? Will He take care of me? What about my children? Our hearts are at times filled with questions that can not be answered by human wisdom. Often people want to find assurance by natural means. They want to "feel" something. They want to hear an audible voice. They want God to give them a sign. However, these natural means are not His ways. "My ways are not your ways" He reminds us in Isaiah. His way is always the way of faith. He communicates with His children by faith. We can find absolute certainty concerning the big issues of life by faith. There is no better definition of faith than is found in His Word in Hebrews 11:1, Faith is the certainty of things hoped for, the assurance or evidence of things not yet seen. Our faith is our evidence. Bible faith has only one source. "Faith comes by hearing the Word of God", Romans 10:17. He could appear to you and assure you of things. Not His way. He could send an angel with a message. Not His way. He could speak from heaven to you. Again, not His way. His way is to send you a book called the Bible, and in that book He answers our questions and assures our hearts of "things not yet seen". If I have heard what He says in His book then I have my evidence or assurance. Faith needs nothing more than His Word to have all the answers to life's questions. A life of faith is built totally on His promises found in the Bible. What a wonderful day it is when I realize that the Creator of the universe has spoken to me. He has answered all of life's questions. Its called the Bible.

Father, I receive your way of speaking to me. Thank you for a book that answers all of life's questions. I will build my life on your Word.  

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