Love Me, Love My Children




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Share and discuss any or all of the following: 


  • What is something fun you have done?
  • What are some joys that you are willing to share?
  • What are some burdens that you would be willing to share?
  • How is God working in your life?
  • Why does loving Jesus mean loving His family too?
  • What did God call wicked or evil in James 2:2-4?
  • Why did Brother Brian say you can’t love Jesus and not get involved with people and that might cost you something? Why is that true?
  • Why is abiding in Christ a key to loving people?
  • What are some of the one another’s of Scripture that stand out to you?


Sermon Notes and Scripture references:

Love me, love my family

John 21:15

Jesus said to Simon, Do you love me?

Foundation – do you love Jesus?

Response – feed my lambs

2nd time – tend my sheep

3rd time – feed my sheep

Tend = take care of

1 – Jesus has a family – in 2 places

Eph 3:14 – whole family in heaven and earth

1 John 3:7 – Let no one deceive you – he who practices righteousness is righteous

Either a child of God or not – not everyone is in it – by choice

2- To come into relationship with Jesus is to come into relationship with His family – you can’t do Jesus and not do His family – impossible

You can’t have Jesus without having his family – no divide between loving Him and loving his sheep

American church is not a model of church – more like a social group

3- 2 ways we are tied to His family

- Globally/Internationally – same Father – Our Father

- Locally – named by city – 1 Corin. 12:12 – the body is one – one spirit – vs 13 – vs 18 – God sets the members in the body, just as He desires. God loves the church – we should be as tied to our church as we are in marriage

4- God’s family is a dysfunctional family – God loves handicapped children – adopted by choice

- All of His kids are adopted – Gal 4: 4 – God sent his Son to enable us to be adopted - Abba Father – God is my daddy – bears witness with our spirit – causes us to run to Him

When you make a mistake, do you run to Him or away from Him? Matt 18: - How many times are we forgiven? 70 x 7

1 Corin. 1: 26- not wise, not perfect, - God has chosen the weak, foolish, insignificant

Love me, love my imperfect children

Bible helps us see things differently – see me through His eyes

5- I have decided to love Jesus –“ one anothers” – ways to tend his sheep

- 1 Cor. 12: no division in the body – care for one another – get involved

- 1 Tim 5:1 – how to treat each other – older men, younger men, etc.

- Heb 13: - go to church to care for one another, encourage one another

- Gal 5:13 – use your freedom to serve one another

- Eph 4:32 – forgive one another, be kind to one another

- Gal 6:2 - bear one another’s burdens – You can’t love Jesus and not get involved with people – might cost you something – that’s loving Jesus

- James 5:9 – don’t grumble against one another – Amazing Grace

- James 5:16 – pray for one another

- Gal 6:1 - Restore one another – don’t shoot the wounded

Humble yourself to enter His kingdom – quit trying to impress people

Learn to endure the manure

Do you love Jesus?

Can you imagine a place where people are loved in spite of everything, like Jesus loves?

Will we tend His sheep?

A father’s heart doesn’t care about people’s abilities…just them.

You love handicapped children – help us have your heart toward your children.