SUNDAY 12/16/18


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Share and discuss any or all of the following: 

  • What is a burden you could share with the group?
  • How did this past week's sermon impact you?
  • What points from the notes stand out to you? 
  • Why did God come to earth?
  • What are some of the kingdoms the Bible talks about?
  • What do you think God would have you do related to this sermon?
  • How can someone pray for you?

Sermon notes 

The Unknown Message of Christ              SUNDAY   12/16/2018   

Why did God come to this earth? He came for a purpose.

God almighty came down to this earth that is Christmas. Here’s why God came to earth.

30 years He hid, He slung a hammer for years as a carpenter, at about 30 years old He went to the Jordan River where His cousin was baptizing. He got in line to be baptized; His cousin said I don’t have to baptize you I know who You are. Jesus said it was good do it. As soon as He came up out of the water the Spirit of God came down out of heaven on Him like a dove, you could actually see God come down and rest on His Son. He was no longer a carpenter, for 3 years He ministered. The first thing He ever spoke when He began to minister, he said here’s why I’ve come to earth.

“From that time Jesus began to preach, and to say, Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. (Matthew 4:17 KJV).”

Repent means come to me, turn toward Me. Why should we do it? The kingdom of heaven is at hand. At hand means, this is so close you can take it with your hand. Today we say “available”. It’s available its right there. Pick it up, reach down and take it. Now the question is if this God came down to earth to tell me to turn toward Him because I could reach something, it’s at my hand, tell me what the kingdom of heaven is. It is not talking about heaven.

There are three kingdoms that the Bible speaks of:

1) Kingdom of this world. Jesus spoke of the kingdom of this world. Kingdom just means lifestyle. It means a way to live.

2) Kingdom of religion. Jesus spoke of the kingdom of religion. That’s another way of life. The kingdom of religion, there is a bunch of them to join, is behavior modification with self effort, when you adhere to a set of rules. It’s human activity.

3) Kingdom of heaven, the kingdom of God. It is when the Spirit of God begins to work in the earth. Jesus taught us to pray, Thy kingdom come, on the earth, the way it is in heaven right now. Whatever is going on in heaven let it go on in this heart right now. Whatever is going on in heaven let that be in my home right now. He told us to pray the kingdom down.

Romans 14:17 gives a picture of the kingdom of heaven. By the way, it’s at hand. That’s the message of God; the kingdom of heaven is at hand today. That means you could pick it up if you wanted to. It’s available to you today if you want it. It is not going to heaven. One day Jesus is coming back to this earth, He will rule and reign forever. He’s going to fix things back the way they were supposed to be before we messed it up.

Righteousness, peace and joy, and the power of the Holy Spirit. The kingdom of heaven is when the Holy Spirit comes into your life. It’s when the presence of God comes and He does something. It’s the touch of God all the time. Religion is when you try to do something.

Our God is a God of Hope. Peace is not the absence of problems; it is the presence of Christ in the middle of your mess.
Hopelessness is the kingdom of hell, its darkness covering the land. When the Spirit of God comes that stuff disappears.

Loneliness is plaguing the land. Loneliness is the very heart of hell. I will never leave you or forsake you, what a friend we have in Jesus. Jesus becomes real to us; He’s someone we can talk to. It’s when you feel the touch of God on your life. It makes hopelessness and emptiness disappear. There’s nothing miserable about the kingdom of God. The joy of God is there.

Jesus said the Spirit of the Lord is upon me and He’s anointed me to heal the broken hearted. Jesus heals the broken hearted.

I’m telling you that you do not have to wait until you get to heaven to enjoy it. The kingdom is at hand it is here for you to enjoy it today. This is the unknown message.

What is the next thing Jesus said He had come to do?

Jesus said the Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, He has anointed me to set the captive free. When the Spirit of God comes on you to break that power of bondage you can live free.

Hearts will grow hard. Are we seeing an epidemic of hard hearts today? That is not the kingdom of God. They need the kingdom of God to come into their lives, Ezekiel 36:26 says this; I will take the hard heart out of you. I will give you a tender heart.   

The kingdom is at hand, you don’t have to wait to get to heaven, and it is available today. The message of Jesus, the message of Christmas is turn toward Me the kingdom’s here now. You can have this today.

The Bible says I wish above all things that you might prosper and be in health as your soul prospers that you might be successful at everything you do.

You should be a blessing to the people around you; you were put on this earth to be a world changer. Jesus said you abide in Me and you will bear much fruit. You are on this planet to change people’s lives, that’s the kingdom coming. Get up saying I’m making a difference in this earth.

You were saved for a reason; He called your name for a reason. It is in Luke 12:31 and the promise is in verse 32.

He brings great joy to set you free. Believe that He will do that. Begin to trust Him for that. Even if you’ve messed up, the kingdom is still there and available for you. The true meaning of Christmas, the kingdom is available today.

I want it.