Not Your Normal Way to Offer Hope

Posted by Shaun Greeson on Tuesday, April 30, 2019 @ 1:07 PM

Who would have thought that blueberries would be a way to share the gospel and offer hope to the hungry? Yes, blueberries!

This past Saturday The Lamb’s Chapel took a group to First Fruit Farms in Louisburg, NC to plant blueberries. We planted 1,000 blueberry bushes in about 45 minutes. These blueberry bushes when fully grown will produce about 10,000 pounds of blueberries and will provide healthy food and natural vitamins to those in need. Jason Brown, the owner of First Fruits Farm, says that blueberries are just the first of many fruits that are long-term producers that will be planted. 

We have finished the blueberries. Now we just have to wait until they are producing berries. We do not have to wait on the Good News of Jesus going out though. The good thing about all of the food that goes out of First Fruits Farm is that the gospel goes out as well. God is blessing First Fruits Farm in a wonderful way. 

Please pray for their ministry and for the favor of God on Jason and his family as he follows Jesus. 

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