Desperate Needs Require Desperate Measures

Posted by Shaun Greeson on Tuesday, June 4, 2019 @ 10:54 AM

This is not my normal blog post. I normally try to keep everything close to home or share about how TLC is working in a far away land. I want to share something that God put on my heart while reading Voice of the Martyrs yesterday. 

Most believers, those that attend church and read their Bible regularly, rarely think about how they got their Bible or what it actually cost for them to sit down and read it without any one knocking down their door to charge them with treason. The Bible is the best selling book in the world at 3.9 billion copies over the last 5o years. The next closest book in sales is "Questions from the Works of Mao Tsa-Tung" at 820 million copies. What a difference! The Bible is something we in America take for granted and use as a paper weight on our coffee tables while others in countries like India, Nepal, China, and North Korea scoff and sometimes arrest anyone who even thinks of reading a Bible or believing in Jesus. 

In the June 2019 edition of Voice of the Martyrs, otherwise known as VOM, they dedicated the issue to North Korea and those that are fighting to share the gospel in the most dangerous country in the world. The key article in the issue was on smuggling Bibles across the border of China into North Korea. The one book that can do more damage according to Kim Jong Un is the Bible. It is outlawed and anyone found with a Bible or caught smuggling Bibles usually ends up dead after extensive torture. Despite the consequences many believers continue to send packages and move Bibles in and out of the country of North Korea. One of the most popular ways that Bibles are being sent across the border are through balloon launches. What is so encouraging is to read stories about how Bibles have gotten into hands of political leaders and changed lives. The stories go on and on. These stories are more than stories. They are real life experiences of how God works miracles. 

Please take some time today and over the next few days to pray for the North Korean believers and their efforts to share the Good News of Jesus across the land. Pray that the Bible will continue to flood the border to the point that the border police believe on Jesus and allow more and more Bibles through. Pray the front-line workers and those in political areas will believe and start a revolution of turning their world upside down for Christ. Pray that those that are native to North Korea that are believers will go back and carry the gospel with them. Lastly, praise God for believer in North Korea. Pray for their strength to endure and persevere. Pray the Holy Spirit will lead and direct them to the right people in order to get the message of Jesus into the communities and villages. 

Thank you for your prayers in bringing the Nations to Jesus!

For more on VOM and a great story of how Bibles are being sent by balloons click here

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