Getting out of the Boat

Posted by Shaun Greeson on Monday, November 5, 2018 @ 3:19 PM

I have always had a heart for missions and seeing those in need of Jesus come to know him personally. I also have always had a heart for people getting excited about missions and going to places they have never been and embarking on things they never knew were coming. My son, Austin and his wife Laura, have done just that in the Dominican Republic. They went to the D.R. a little of a year ago. They were excited to immerse themselves in the culture and make friends and see Jesus work. 


You know you have officially immersed yourself in the culture when you decide to have a baby right where all of those you minister to have babies. San Pedro is the closest city to Austin and Laura in the D.R. The way the story was told to me is that if we are going to be missionaries to those in San Pedro and Ramon Santana we need to trust God that He can take care of our baby here just as well as He could have in the US. Wow! What faith! What trust! This is get out of the boat faith. God is faithful and baby Malachi was born by C-section on October 15, 2018. Mom, dad and baby are doing well. 


I cannot get over the amount of faith and trust in God it takes to move from the comforts of the United States and live in another country… much less get to the point of having a life changing surgery in a place you have never been with doctors who do not speak your native language. This is truly walking in faith. 


Can I challenge you to start walking this way? You cannot do this on your own. You cannot walk the walk of faith and try to go your own way. Peter got out of the boat and walked on water. This means that Peter had the faith to walk as Jesus walked. Peter sank after a few steps, but he did do something that no one else in the boat could say… “I got out of the boat”. I challenge you all to get out of the boat. Step out in faith and see what God can do. 

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