Let the Little Children Come to Me

Posted by Shaun Greeson on Thursday, February 14, 2019 @ 12:15 PM

It is always a pleasure to get out into the community and actually see what is going on. I spend a lot of time behind a desk trying to email and call to take care of the mission opportunities that The Lamb’s Chapel supports around the city, county, state and around the world. Getting face to face time with people that need help is always my heart. This morning I was able to walk into Haw River Elementary School and give them a $500.00 gift card for their resource room. I also had the opportunity to tour the resource room and hear the heart of some wonderful teachers, principals, and social workers. Haw River Elementary have some amazing people fighting for the children in the community. It is great to know that there are people that care so much for those that may not be getting what they need such as school supplies, uniforms, and food. I just want to commend Haw River Elementary for doing a great job creating an environment for children that is loving and caring. I also want to commend them on how they have things set up for their students and their students. It is awesome that we get to partner with them in helping students grow into the young men and women God desires for them to become. I pray that as you read this that you are moved to pray for the students, teachers, and, administration of our school system. Pray that as these students are gaining access to the supplies, clothing, and food that they need that they are also given the opportunity to hear that Jesus is Lord of Lord’s and King of Kings. 

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