God at Work!

Posted by Shaun Greeson on Wednesday, March 6, 2019 @ 3:41 PM

It is exciting when you see God at work. I know that every day I see God do amazing things like put that fiery ball in the sky and paint a beautiful sunrise and sunset. I see God in my grandchildren as they are learning to talk and say mommy or daddy. I see God in the little things and details because God is a God of details. It is amazing that God can work in lives the same way He works in mine all across the world. I have been travelling for the past month it seems like to different places around the world. The one thing I have noticed is that God is working in the smallest details of every place that I have visited. Honduras is no different. God is at work in this small country. 


We have some great friends in Central America and some great partners as well. We have been partnering with a church in Honduras that has opened a clinic. The clinic opened in 2002 in a small little room and had one bed and a small pharmacy. As of January 2019, the clinic is up and running and seeing about 70 patients a week. This is answered prayer. We are not only helping people with their physical problems, we are helping them with their spiritual ones as well. The doctor and nurses of the clinic are able to pray with patients and offer guidance day in and day out. What a great opportunity to see God work. 


We are also partnering with a church and a school in Comayagua, Honduras. The pastor of this church has a vision to see a Christian School on the premises that goes from kindergarten to 12thgrade. The school only has 3 classrooms at this time. He desires to see children reach their God given abilities and God given design. As I visited the church on the Sunday I was there, there were over 80 children along with their moms and dads. The village is over run with children with single moms as mothers. Please pray for Francisco as he leads this church and school. He needs help with every aspect. 


We are doing so much more than I can ever mention in Honduras. Trust me, God is at work. 


Please pray for Bethany Baptist Clinic and those that are involved everyday with people. Pray that the gospel is able to go out with each and every patient. Pray for Francisco and his vision as it continues to grow for the school. Pray for students to volunteer from the states as interns to aid in getting teachers and the staff he needs for the school. Pray for his church and his willingness to reach out to the single mothers to offer a school so that the mothers can go to work to provide for their families. Pray for Carlos as he leads another church we partner with as it grows and as he trains pastors for church plants. 


Thank you for your prayers and for continually putting missions first at The Lamb’s Chapel. 

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