Not Your Normal Way to Offer Hope

Posted by Shaun Greeson on Tuesday, April 30, 2019 @ 1:07 PM

Who would have thought that blueberries would be a way to share the gospel and offer hope to the hungry? Yes, blueberries!

This past Saturday The Lamb’s Chapel took a group to First Fruit Farms in Louisburg, NC to plant blueberries. We planted 1,000 blueberry bushes in about 45 minutes. These blueberry bushes when fully grown will produce about 10,000 pounds of blueberries and will provide healthy food and natural vitamins to those in need. Jason Brown, the owner of First Fruits Farm, says that blueberries are just the first of many fruits that are long-term producers that will be planted. 

We have finished the blueberries. Now we just have to wait until they are producing berries. We do not have to wait on the Good News of Jesus going out though. The good thing about all of the food that goes out of First Fruits Farm is that the gospel goes out as well. God is blessing First Fruits Farm in a wonderful way. 

Please pray for their ministry and for the favor of God on Jason and his family as he follows Jesus. 

Abundant Life

Posted by Shaun Greeson on Tuesday, April 2, 2019 @ 2:18 PM
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Everyone desires deep down to have abundant life. It is so easy to get caught up in the American Dream mentality of this world where the more you have the better off you are in life. Oh, how we have been deceived into thinking that abundant life is a life of ease and comfort.  We have a ministry called Abundant Life, that we support at The Lambs Chapel that works with the mentally and physically challenged. What a blessing the Abundant Life ministry is to those they help day in and day out with everyday needs, struggles, and challenges. If you talked with the staff at Abundant Life they would say there are more triumphs and rejoicing than struggles and complaints. I have been to several of the Abundant Life events and I can truly say that if you want to see abundant life as pictured in the Bible in John 10:10, “I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly,” then come see the Abundant Life ministry in action on talent show night or on a Big Bash night. You can even stop by the Haw River Campus and see them in their day program activities. The talent show was last week, so you will have to wait for next year, but Big Bash happens every last Thursday of the month at the Airport Campus of The Lamb's Chapel.

This past week I witnessed one of the greatest times of worship and abundant life that I have ever experienced. These guys let it all hang out and left nothing on the table when it came to talking and singing about Jesus.

Take a moment and pray for Steve and Gretchen Glahn as they discern the Holy Spirit in how to lead this ministry forward in 2019. 

Don't forget to check out all of the ministries that The Lamb's Chapel supports. 

Always something to DO!

Posted by Phil Seay on Wednesday, March 27, 2019 @ 2:25 PM

On the farm there is always something going on. If you are not mowing, then you are plowing. If you are not plowing, then you are building barns to put your harvest into.  Jason Brown has one of the most beautiful farms in North Carolina. God has blessed him as he has been obedient to follow. We at The Lambs Chapel have been able to partner with him in several ways over the past several months. In the fall of last year, we were able to harvest sweet potatoes for his farm so that they could be given away to the community. At our men's conference in March, God provided a lawn tractor to help with the mowing of over 200 acres. This past Saturday a group of men from TLC worked on a new structure.  This new Servant Center is going to help with a community garden by offering a place to organize produce while ministering to volunteers. Also, on April 13, 2019 we are going back to the farm to help plant blueberry bushes. If you would like to help out on April 13, 2019 go to to register. 

If you cannot tell, this farm is not Jason Brown's, it is God's and Jason just manages it for him and gives away what God tells him to. If you have the opportunity check out First Fruits Farm you will be amazed at all they do. We are excited to partner with people that love giving everything they have to the One who gave it all for us. To God be the glory!

God at Work!

Posted by Shaun Greeson on Wednesday, March 6, 2019 @ 3:41 PM

It is exciting when you see God at work. I know that every day I see God do amazing things like put that fiery ball in the sky and paint a beautiful sunrise and sunset. I see God in my grandchildren as they are learning to talk and say mommy or daddy. I see God in the little things and details because God is a God of details. It is amazing that God can work in lives the same way He works in mine all across the world. I have been travelling for the past month it seems like to different places around the world. The one thing I have noticed is that God is working in the smallest details of every place that I have visited. Honduras is no different. God is at work in this small country. 


We have some great friends in Central America and some great partners as well. We have been partnering with a church in Honduras that has opened a clinic. The clinic opened in 2002 in a small little room and had one bed and a small pharmacy. As of January 2019, the clinic is up and running and seeing about 70 patients a week. This is answered prayer. We are not only helping people with their physical problems, we are helping them with their spiritual ones as well. The doctor and nurses of the clinic are able to pray with patients and offer guidance day in and day out. What a great opportunity to see God work. 


We are also partnering with a church and a school in Comayagua, Honduras. The pastor of this church has a vision to see a Christian School on the premises that goes from kindergarten to 12thgrade. The school only has 3 classrooms at this time. He desires to see children reach their God given abilities and God given design. As I visited the church on the Sunday I was there, there were over 80 children along with their moms and dads. The village is over run with children with single moms as mothers. Please pray for Francisco as he leads this church and school. He needs help with every aspect. 


We are doing so much more than I can ever mention in Honduras. Trust me, God is at work. 


Please pray for Bethany Baptist Clinic and those that are involved everyday with people. Pray that the gospel is able to go out with each and every patient. Pray for Francisco and his vision as it continues to grow for the school. Pray for students to volunteer from the states as interns to aid in getting teachers and the staff he needs for the school. Pray for his church and his willingness to reach out to the single mothers to offer a school so that the mothers can go to work to provide for their families. Pray for Carlos as he leads another church we partner with as it grows and as he trains pastors for church plants. 


Thank you for your prayers and for continually putting missions first at The Lamb’s Chapel. 

Let the Little Children Come to Me

Posted by Shaun Greeson on Thursday, February 14, 2019 @ 12:15 PM

It is always a pleasure to get out into the community and actually see what is going on. I spend a lot of time behind a desk trying to email and call to take care of the mission opportunities that The Lamb’s Chapel supports around the city, county, state and around the world. Getting face to face time with people that need help is always my heart. This morning I was able to walk into Haw River Elementary School and give them a $500.00 gift card for their resource room. I also had the opportunity to tour the resource room and hear the heart of some wonderful teachers, principals, and social workers. Haw River Elementary have some amazing people fighting for the children in the community. It is great to know that there are people that care so much for those that may not be getting what they need such as school supplies, uniforms, and food. I just want to commend Haw River Elementary for doing a great job creating an environment for children that is loving and caring. I also want to commend them on how they have things set up for their students and their students. It is awesome that we get to partner with them in helping students grow into the young men and women God desires for them to become. I pray that as you read this that you are moved to pray for the students, teachers, and, administration of our school system. Pray that as these students are gaining access to the supplies, clothing, and food that they need that they are also given the opportunity to hear that Jesus is Lord of Lord’s and King of Kings. 

God at Work

Posted by Shaun Greeson on Monday, February 4, 2019 @ 1:56 PM

As many of you know, I have been out of the country for a few weeks. After missing my trip in September, I was finally able to visit India and Nepal in January 2019. I cannot begin to describe the things I saw. I cannot begin to describe the different ways of life I saw within the two countries. I cannot begin to explain the smells and food and the culture shock. It is so different than anything I have ever seen. 


In a place where there are millions of people, the one thing I noticed is that they had loneliness written all over their faces. In a place where cows rule the streets and are idolized, people are struggling to find food and shelter. Some finding food in trash heaps and dumpsters. If there is ever a time to pray for our brothers and sisters in India and Nepal it is now. The struggle is real. Some worry about where they are going to get the next meal. Most worry about where they are going to get clean water. Some worry about where they will lay their head. The physical struggles are real. 


The Spiritual struggles are real as well. The struggle that they have in sharing Christ is real. We as Americans have no idea what it is like to worry about whether or not someone is going to throw us in jail for worshipping Jesus, but those in India and Nepal struggle with this every time they come together. Despite the government and their hatred toward Christianity, Jesus Christ is proclaimed in church buildings and homes every day. I pray that you will take the time to thank God for the blessings you have and for the opportunity to share Christ openly. I pray that we would not take the opportunity to share for granted. I pray that as you look at the pictures that you count your blessings for what you have and how God has truly blessed you and your family. 


There is no doubt that God is working in and among the Indians and Nepalis. I had the opportunity to meet with 3 children’s homes and 2 pastors. In each home the children sang and danced and quoted scripture. Their hospitality was contagious. We had the opportunity to eat, talk, and share life with them. I can honestly say they were a blessing. As I met with the pastors that we partner with they told me story after story of how God is working, and the gospel is going out throughout the land. They told stories of church plants, bible schools, mobile training units, and how church building were being built and how many more churches were meeting in homes just like the book of Acts.  


What is so great about this opportunity to visit each and every partner is now I have a face and name to pray for. Each picture that you see here are pictures of real-life partners that we at The Lambs Chapel pour into to share the gospel across the world. Please pray for them and the children and the pastors that put their life on the line every time they open their mouth to share the gospel. Please pray for the Spirit of God to move across the land to raise up spiritual leaders in India and Nepal. 


Please pray Psalm 2:8 

Ask of Me, and I will give You

The nations for Your inheritance,

And the ends of the earth for Your possession

Serve Here First, Then GO!

Posted by Shaun Greeson on Thursday, January 3, 2019 @ 10:54 AM

It's great to know that The Lamb's Chapel helps spread the gospel in so many ways. Mikaela McAdams is in Africa as this blog is being written. She left a week ago and is having the time of her life. The Lamb's Chapel helped Mikaela with funds to get to Africa in order for her to share the gospel. What a great opportunity and growing experience for her and the team from Love Africa. Click Here and see some of the people she has encountered. Please pray for Mikaela and the team as they continue to share the love of Jesus in the villages of Africa. When she gets back and you see her walking around the campus at The Lamb's Chapel or running a camera for a service, or working in the kitchen; stop her and ask how God changed her life as she was changing lives for Him? It's good to know that she did not start serving when she went to Africa. She started serving in and around the campus of The Lamb's Chapel a long time ago. I want to encourage you to do the same before you take a trip. Get involved. See where God wants you and trust Him to show you where you need to go. 



Missions 2018 Review

Posted by Shaun Greeson on Wednesday, December 19, 2018 @ 11:39 AM

Here we are in the last 2 weeks of 2018. The Lambs Chapel has been on the move this year. Over the past year we have given 24% of our budget to missions. Giving money away to those doing God's work is one of The Lamb's Chapels greatest assets. We partner with over 35 different ministries here locally, stately, nationally, and internationally. What is so amazing about those we support is that they are changing the world for Jesus Christ and we get to be a part. We are excited to see pictures, videos, and hear reports every month; some of which I have shared throughout the year. A part from supporting over 35 ministries, we have encouraged and helped 15 people go on short-term mission trips. There is nothing more exciting than to talk to those coming back from a mission trip and hear how God has moved in their lives and those they have ministered to. I just want to take the time to thank you for your prayers and gifts whether it was a Christmas gift under the tree for or toy drive or a financial gift sent India, Honduras, Nepal, or the Dominican Republic, or volunteering at one of our many events; you are amazing! 

2019 is going to be even greater! We are going to touch even more lives with the gospel of Jesus Christ. I will be traveling a lot this year and I hope to bring good reports from India, Nepal, Honduras, Dominican Republic as many new things are happening. I pray that you will have a deeper desire to take the gospel to the nations in 2019. I pray that when you have opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and go on a short-term trip in the states or internationally that you will do it with a passion. My prayer verse for 2019 is Psalm 2:8 "Ask of Me, and I will give You the Nations for Your inheritance". I want to see the nations worshipping the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. This kind of worship starts with us. So as we begin a new year, let's begin with a prayer and a task that is God sized. Let's ask for the nations and believe God to give them to us! 

Thank you all for your prayers and your support. 


Posted by Shaun Greeson on Monday, November 19, 2018 @ 8:56 AM

Operation Christmas Child was a huge success because of you! Thank you so much for coming out Saturday and Sunday to pack over 5200 shoeboxes. Each box was packed with love and prayed over. I know that as they go out on Tuesday they are going out to children all over the world that will receive a gift, many for the first time in their life. I also know that as they go out so does the gospel of Jesus Christ. We may never know the impact of this pack-a-thon, but one thing is for sure... the gospel of Jesus went out. In Isaiah 55:11God's Word tells us that when the Word goes out it will not return void. I am so thankful and grateful to all that were able to help behind the scenes putting boxes together and placing fillers where they needed to be. Thank you to all who packed and helped clean up. Because of you OCC was a huge success. See you next year!


Posted by Shaun Greeson on Monday, November 12, 2018 @ 1:42 PM

The time is here. This Saturday, November 17 we need your HELP! Come out and join us for our Operation Christmas Child Packing Party from 9am to 12pm at the Airport Campus 3539 Alamance Rd. Burlington NC 27215. Bring the family and enjoy packing over 5000 boxes that are packed with the love of the gospel of Jesus Christ. If you already have boxes packed we are also a Drop-Off location at the Airport Campus only. The times for Drop-Off are below. Looking forward to seeing you there. 



November 12th-19th. Times of drop off are as followed:

3:30 – 6:30 Monday – Friday November 12-16

11:00 – 3:00 Saturday November 17

4:00 – 6:00 Sunday November 18

1:00 – 6:00 Monday November 19

Please fill out form to Volunteer to help with Drop-Off Times

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