We desire to be a people that Love God, Love people, and Make HIM known. Through missions and everything that is done here we desire to proclaim Jesus and Him alone because He is the only One that can turn this world right side up. 


    Healing In Jesus Name

    Posted by Shaun Greeson on Monday, September 17, 2018 @ 3:14 PM

    There is excitement in the air! One of the most fascinating opportunities we are involved with as a church is in Honduras. Jesus healed and He shared, and we at The Lamb’s Chapel have a responsibility to do the same according to God’s Word - in our circles and around the world. In Honduras we have the opportunity to heal and to share our faith as we partner with a medical clinic in Siguatepeque. There are many clinics in Honduras that are privately owned and funded by private partners - many of these partners are churches and faith-based organizations. In many of these clinics there is either no or minimal cost to the patient. The Lambs Chapel supports the clinic in Siguatepeque and everyone who comes as a patient receives medicine and treatment for only $5. This clinic is not at all the “typical” medical clinic that we are used to seeing in the United States. This clinic has one doctor. This clinic has one bed. This clinic has one ultrasound unit and it is hand-held. It has shelves stocked with medicine and supplies and it is running out of space. They are out of room, however we are working to build them a new clinic to give them the space to grow and to meet needs like never before. The Lamb’s Chapel is a part of the healing hands of Jesus Christ as we aid in building this new clinic and offer support for years to come. This new clinic will allow for Honduran’s to get the treatment they deserve and to hear the good news of Jesus in the process. Additionally, I forgot to mention that the Doctor is also the wife of a pastor that we support! God is doing amazing things in and through them. Please continue to pray for them and the building process. The clinic is supposed to be finished in a few weeks. Check back to see the clinic finished and in operation.

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