We desire to be a people that Love God, Love people, and Make HIM known. Through missions and everything that is done here we desire to proclaim Jesus and Him alone because He is the only One that can turn this world right side up. 


    Pictures Worth A Thousand Words

    Posted by Shaun Greeson on Monday, September 17, 2018 @ 3:16 PM

    If you take a look around our Airport Campus you will notice a little bit of color on the walls. It's not a fresh coat of paint that is adding color, but pictures... photographs. These pictures are not just any pictures, they are pictures from around the world of different areas and from organizations that we support through missions here at The Lamb's Chapel. Our goal is to Love God, Love people, and Make Him Known. Whether it is through Samaritan's Purse, With Open Eyes, Life Outreach, or in the countries of Costa Rica, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, or even right here at home, we are making Jesus Famous. When you walk around campus and see a picture of young children reading The Greatest Journey (from Samaritan's Purse) or find yourself looking at a photo of a beautiful bridge in Costa Rica that was literally built to carry the gospel, you can rest assured that the gospel is going out to the nations. I also hope that as you walk by these pictures that you take a moment and pray for those that are working diligently to share the gospel in the most remote parts of the world. What a great opportunity we have to pray for those we do not know and we may never meet until we see them in heaven! Prayer is the greatest asset when it comes to missions. Prayer activated faith to start the church in Acts and prayer opened the prison doors for Peter to walk out in Acts 5. Prayer is what it takes to progress in the battle of carrying Jesus to all the world. Join me in prayer as you walk around campus and see the places and people that we are working with to bring everyone to the only one who can offer any hope at all…Jesus. 

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