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2021 Kidz Kamp

The word is out and our camp theme is “Word.”

For the word of the cross is foolishness to those who are dying, but to us who are saved it is the power of God.” 1 Corinthians 1:18 (HNV)

August 8th-13th. (Public, private and Christian schools will cooperate with you, if your child has already started school.)

TLC camp is for 2020/2021 current school year 2nd- 6th grade.

Cost is $275 (scholarships available if needed. We believe every child should be able to attend camp.)

To register your child click here.

We like to think of kid’s camp as the best week of the year! This year has been full of milestones, but we believe that 2021 Kidz Kamp will be a spiritual milestone for your child. The powerful services with live worship, facing new challenges like the lake zip line or the giant banana slide, morning small group time, and the fun of meeting new friends make camp an experience that your child will not want to miss! All these individual parts of camp life make for an incredible week that will draw kids into a deeper more intimate relationship with Jesus. Don’t let your child miss it!

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".... and a little child shall lead them"~Isaiah 11:6

  • Loving Kids
  • Reaching Kids
  • Teaching Kids
  • Sending Kids

"If I could relive my life, I would devote my entire ministry to reaching children for God."

    ~D.L Moody, Evangelist

Alison Folwell

Elementary Pastor

Alison Folwell, wife, mother, andNana. Married to Darren, my best friend for 33 years. Served 34 years in full-timestudent and children’s ministry.   I am a mom to two amazing adult children, Sarah and Joshua, and a Nana to my two amazing grandchildren, Shepherd and Blaze.    I believe every child is Important and valuable to God and His Kingdom and I count it such an honor to help children encounter Him.  I cannot think of anything I love more than seeing children respond to the Good News and then take what they have received back to their home, school, and community.   Knowing God and making Him known.I am a constant reminder that “Humanly speaking, it is impossible.  But not withGod. Everything is possible with God.” Mark 10:27


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Frequently asked questions

Answers to some questions you are already thinking...

When do you meet?

Currently, we are meeting the Airport Campus ONLY at the following times:

Preschool - Sunday  11 am & Wednesday 7 pm
Elementary -
Sunday 11 am & Wednesday 7 pm
Middle School -
Sunday  11 am & Wednesday 7 pm
High School -
Sunday 4pm - 7pm & Wednesday 7 pm

How do I check-in my family?

The fastest and best process for check-in for you family is to pre-register. Once registered you can check-in on the app on your phone before arriving and scan the QR code at any check-in station. Sticker(s) will be printed out for your children and their bag for preschool age Check-in is available 20 minutes before service begins, in a foyer at one of our checkin stations Preschool and Elementary parents must pick up their security ticket , if using the mobile app it stores it for you, and ensure their children are in their proper room before going to their group or entering the sanctuary.  Middle and High School students may check themselves in and out once service has ended. All children are required to wear their name tag on the front of their clothing so their name is visible. Preschool and Elementary parents must have their pick up ticket when collecting your children.  It’s our desire to keep your children safe so we require all parents to present matching ID #’s to team members.

What are your safety protocols?

We have several lines of defense to protect our children:

  • Our first desire is to staff our ministry with trained, committed, and safe workers that love God and love children.
  • Each worker is required to complete a criminal background check.
  • The Two Adult Rule: There must be two adults present with children at any church-related activity.
  • Do not report to class if you are ill. Please call the Elementary Ministry Assistant to find a sub. While it’s helpful for you to replace yourself, bear in mind that all persons serving with children need a completed background check—even if they just serve one time.
  • If a child becomes ill or injured, please let the Elementary Ministry Leaders know. We will page parents, fix “boo-boos”, etc.
  • Please do not have hot, open drinks around kids and finish your coffee before the children arrive unless you have a stainless steel container with a lid on it. Children are not allowed to have hot drinks.
  • For your own safety and wellbeing, please wear non-latex gloves if you’re ever in contact with bodily fluids. Non-latex gloves are available in our storage room and First Aid Kit.
  • In case of emergency, it is the Elementary Minister’s responsibility to give instructions of procedures to be followed. While we sincerely appreciate everyone’s willingness to help, situations can intensify when there’s confusing information.
  • Be alert! If you see an adult or child wandering around, ask how you can help.
  • If you have a ministry shirt, please wear it and your nametag lanyard each week that you serve, as this clearly identifies you as a safe adult. Please never donate your used ministry shirts to charity as children identify people in these shirts as “safe adults”.
  • We are a gun-free/weapon-free campus.
  • We have a First Aid Kit and first aid supplies available in our storage room. Gloves, bandages, gauze pads, instant cold packs, eye wash, alcohol & alcohol swabs, and hydrogen peroxide are a few items inside. Please ask if there is anything you or a child need.
  • No adults are allowed in the bathroom alone with a child.
  • Stall doors should remain closed while a child is using the toilet.
  • If a child needs further assistance due to illness, hygiene, or comfort, please inform your Elementary Ministry Leaders so that the parents can be contacted.
  • While we greatly appreciate our high-school and middle-school aged volunteers, they are not to assist children in the restroom.
  • Kids older than preschool should not sit in leaders’ laps.
When can my child be baptized?

You can view the Children's Baptism Handbook to get more information about baptizing children.

You can also view the videos below for a quick overview of baptism. Once you have watched the videos and viewed the Handbook with your children; you can contact the children's ministry for more information on our next baptism date.

How can I get involved?

Thank you so much for your desire to help us in our ministry. If you would fill out an interest form we will contact you soon.

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Did we miss your question? Drop us a line and we will get back within 24 hours.