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Teach our preschool children that God:
  • loves them
  • has a mighty future for them
  • has a purpose and plan for them in His Kingdom
Teach our preschool children that they are safe and loved when they walk in the preschool doors.
Partner with our preschool parents in teaching their children how to have a relationship with Jesus.
  • During our service times, we offer a Biblical lesson that focuses on using interactive and creative tools to allow children to retain and remember valuable lessons from Scripture, giving them a firm foundation in their faith.  
  • Service times also includes snack, playground (weather permitting) or gym time, and classroom play time.

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Molly Schmidinger

Preschool Director

Brian Biggers’ passion in life is for others to hear the heart of Jesus. Jesus had a simple message: Love God and Love People. Brian communicates this same simplistic approach to share that message. His unique way of communicating the Bible has helped countless people discover their purpose on this earth. He cares about (and relates to) people who have been marginalized and hurt by religion.  We think you will like his style. He has also been known to catch a fish or two in his spare time.


Frequently asked questions

Answers to some questions you are already thinking...

When do you meet?

Preschool - Sunday  9 am, 11 am & Wednesday 7 pm
Elementary - Sunday  9 am, 11 am & Wednesday 7 pm
Middle School - Sunday  9 am, 11 am & Wednesday 7 pm
High School - Sunday 4pm - 7pm & Wednesday 7 pm

How do I check-in my family?

The fastest and best process for check-in for you family is to pre-register. Once registered you can check-in on the app on your phone before arriving and scan the QR code at any check-in station. Sticker(s) will be printed out for your children and their bag for preschool age

Check-in is available 20 minutes before service begins, in a foyer at one of our checkin stations Preschool and Elementary parents must pick up their security ticket , if using the mobile app it stores it for you, and ensure their children are in their proper room before going to their group or entering the sanctuary.  Middle and High School students may check themselves in and out once service has ended. All children are required to wear their name tag on the front of their clothing so their name is visible. Preschool and Elementary parents must have their pick up ticket when collecting your children.  It’s our desire to keep your children safe so we require all parents to present matching ID #’s to team members.

What are your safety protocols?

In the BUG Zone, the safety and security for all children is most important!

Parent / Children Policies

  • The BUG Zone is for children ages 6 weeks to 6 years of age (highest grade level is through kindergarten).
  • Children who are not well (e.g. runny noses, fever > 100.4F, rashes, etc.) shall not be checked into the BUG Zone.
  • The use of inappropriate language and physical violence are prohibited in the BUG Zone.
  • Check-in begins 15 minutes before the start of service and ends 15 minutes after services begins.
  • Parents/guardians are not permitted to remain in the classroom with their child after check-in.
  • Children must be properly checked into the church system before being checked into their classrooms.
  • Parents/guardians must complete all check-in information and take their pick-up information for their children at the time they are dropped off at their classroom.
  • If a parents/guardian want to provide specific snacks (or feedings for infants) for their child, all bottles, cups, containers, etc. must have labels with the child’s name on them. Containers that do not have their name will not be given out.
  • Parents/guardians must indicate at check-in if their children have any allergies or are prohibited from having any BUG Zone provided snacks.
  • Parents/guardians must communicate to the classroom volunteer any other medical conditions or special needs their children require.
  • Parents/guardians must present the correct check-out information to the classroom volunteer to release their child from the classroom (safety first!).

Volunteer Policies

  • All BUG Zone volunteers must complete an application and pass an annual criminal background check.
  • Volunteers must check into the church system before reporting to their assigned classrooms.
  • Only scheduled and authorized BUG Zone volunteers are allowed in the classrooms with the children.
  • Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age.Volunteer assistants may be younger than 18 years of age but must be accompanied by an adult volunteer.
How can I get involved?

Thank you so much for your desire to help us in our ministry. If you would fill out an interest form we will contact you soon.

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